Vocabulary Old4

  1. Watch out
    Estar atento, cuidado!
  2. Weasel
  3. Cast
    • Emitir, lanzar, arrojar
    • A mean witch cast a spell
    • The boy cast stones in the water
  4. Turn
    turn into [sth]
    • Convertirse
    • transformarse en
    • ~She had turn winter into spring
    • ~At the end of the road, turn into the driveway
    • A caterpillar will eventually turn into a butterfly.
  5. set off
    Set off on
    • Salir (de viaje), salir hacia algo
    • We'll have to set off very early to avoid the rush-hour traffic
    • That morning, we set off on our trip to California.
  6. Tiptoe
    On tiptoe
    On tiptoes
    • Andar de puntillas, andar con rodeos
    • She walked tiptoe across the kitchen as not to wake anyone.
    • No longer wanting to tiptoe around the topic, his boss came right out and fired him.
  7. To beat around the bush
    • andarse con rodeos
    • Don't beat around the bush - get to the point!
  8. In a flash
    • Very quickly, in a instant
    • I'll be back in a flash
  9. Wonder
    • Preguntarse
    • I wonder if wine can be made from cherries
  10. Delightful
    • Pleasent, encantadora
    • The music was so delightful
    • He's a delightful little boy
  11. Amazement
    • Asobro, sorpresa
    • We looked at her in amazement as she recited the essay from memory.
    • To my amazement
    • He looked at me in amazement
  12. Chilly
    • Frío, helado
    • The weather is chilly today.
    • I'm chilly. Do you mind if I put the heating on?
    • A chilly look
  13. Surely /ˈʃʊəlɪ/

    • ~Polly will surely be here soon; she called to say she was on her way an hour ago.
    • ~Surely Henry will be at the game; he loves hockey.
  14. Nearby /ˌnɪrˈbaɪ/
    • Not far away
    • Cerca, proximo, inmediato
    • ~There a portal nearby
    • ~No need to, I live nearby.
  15. Lame
    • pobre, debil 
    • Tina offered a lame excuse about her dog and went home early.
  16. put [sb] down
    • Hablar mal de alguien, menospreciar, sacrificar, poner a dormir
    • ~ Stop putting yourself down, you're a very intelligent woman
    • ~ The dog's fourteen and can't move around anymore, we gotta get him put down.
  17. Criticism
    • Crítica
    • You must learn not to overreact to criticism
  18. Classy place
    • Lugar elegante
    • This is kind of a classy place
  19. Say no more
    No digas mas
  20. Rip off
    • Estafar, arrancar algo, robar algo.
    • They are totally ripping us off $300 each.
    • Bob's tickets cost much less that ours I think we've ripped off.
    • Fifty pounds for that old piece of junk? What a rip-off!
  21. Branch office
  22. Amenities
    • Artículos de aseo personal en hoteles, comodidades
    • This is a nice Hotel, plenty of amenities
  23. Toiletries /ˈtɔɪ.lə.triz/
    • objects and substances that you use in washing yourself andpreventing the body from smelling unpleasant:
    • ~ Inside the bag were shampoo and other toiletries.
  24. Toothbrush
    Cepillo de dientes
  25. Toothpaste
    Pasta de dientes
  26. Razor
    maquina de afeitar
  27. Floss
    hilo de dientes
  28. Band aids
  29. Shaving cream
    Crema de afeitar
  30. After shave
    despues de afeitar (crema)
  31. Cloves of garlics
    Dientes de ajo
  32. By a show of hand
    Votacion por mano alzada
  33. Unexpected
  34. Field trip
    viaje de estudio
  35. Nearly
    • Casi
    • It is nearly six o clock
    • It's nearly impossible to get a good grade from my english teacher.
  36. Decree
  37. Fondly
    • Cariñosamente
    • He signed the letter "Fondly yours, Uncle Jim."
  38. Lively
    • vivaz, animado, alegre
    • Ben was a lively person who liked to party. Angela is so cheerful and lively
  39. Talk a blue streak /striːk/
    • Talk very quickly and excitedly
    • He talks a blue streak and I can't follow his thinking.
  40. Hit the nail on the head
    • Darle al clavo
    • Anna comment really hit the nail on the head
  41. Spirited (lively)
    • Vivaz, animado, animoso
    • A spirited campaigner for women's rights.
    • Madison is a spirited girl.
  42. Charisma  /kəˈrɪzmə/
    Charismatic: carismatico
    • Carisma
    • Tom certainly has charisma
  43. Lack
    • escaces, falta
    • That thing you lack, darling, charisma
  44. Grieve /ɡriːv/
    • Hacer luto, apenarse, afligirse, llorar muerte
    • George is grieving the death of his beloved dog.
    • George is grieving the death of his beloved dog.
    • No one should have to grieve alone.
  45. Shortly
    • En breve, pronto, de modo cortante
    • I just need to make a quick phone call; I'll be with you shortly.
    • We will be there shortly
  46. Thereafter
    despues de eso
  47. Barking up the wrong tree
    To ask the wrong person.

    • ~ She thinks it'll solve the problem but I think she's barking up the wrong tree
    • ~ Jason was barking up the wrong tree when he said I was the one that ate his cookies, after he left the room, It was actually his dog.
  48. much less
    • mucho menos
    • Tony can't boil an egg, much less cook dinner
  49. Ringleader
    • cabecilla
    • The teenage boys followed their ringleader to the park to paint grafitti
    • The police hunted the mafia's ringleader
  50. Amend
    • cambiar, enmendar. disculparse con
    • I wish Paul would amend his rough ways.
  51. Swin against the tide
    • Nada contra corriente
    • you love swin against the tide, don't you?
    • I've been swimmning against the tide my whole life.
  52. Outcast
    • Marginado
    • I'm used to be an outcast
  53. Cut ties with (someone)
    Mary cut all ties with her family when she moved to NY city
  54. Betrayal
    Traición, engaño
  55. Otherwise
    • Sino, de otra manera, de otro modo
    • It cannot be otherwise
    • Call home, Otherwise your parents will start to worry
  56. Aunty, auntie
  57. Coal /koʊl/
  58. Newly
    • recientemente, nuevamente
    • Newly married couple
  59. begets /bɪˈɡet/
    • Engendrad, procrear
    • Violence begets more violence
    • Abraham begot Issac
  60. Youth
    • Joven, Juventud
    • the youth of today have no manners
    • This youth has caused a lot of problems
  61. Flawless /ˈflɑː.ləs/
    • Perfecto
    • The pianist's performance this evening was flawless
    • I can't argue with your flawless logic
  62. Failure  ​ /ˈfeɪ.ljɚ/
    • He was a failure as a salesman
    • The meeting was a complete/total failure.
    • I feel such a failure
  63. Burden
    • Carga, agobiar
    • The donkey can carry a heavy burden
    • She has too many emotional burdens to relax properly
  64. Resky
    • Arriesgado
    • We souldn't go there, It's too risky
  65. Mortgage
  66. Intimidated
    • Intimidado
    • Why am I so intimidated by this guy?
  67. Respectful
  68. Towards
    • Hacia
    • She ran towards me
  69. Novelty
    • novedad 
    • The novelty of a new job
  70. Veal  /viːl/
  71. Stuffed /stʌft/
    • lleno, relleno
    • I'm stuffed from all that lasagna and garlic bread.
    • No more for me thanks, I'm stuffed
  72. Two way street
    If you want something from a person you have to give the same to back them

    This is a 2 way street you know, you will have to help me someday in return
  73. Advertasing
    False advertising
    • Publicidad
    • Publicidad engañosa
  74. Devoted /dɪˈvəʊtɪd/
    • leal
    • A devoted friend
  75. Caring
    • Cariñoso, solidario
    • Nursing is a caring job
    • She was a very loving wife and mother and a caring friend
  76. Helpless
    • Indefenso, desamparado, inutil
    • Jim was totally helpless in the kitchen
  77. Alliance
  78. Get out of my sight
    tell someone to go away
  79. Mislay /ˌmɪsˈleɪ/
    • Perder temporalmente
    • I mislaid my keys Can you help me find them
  80. Inaccurate /ɪnˈækjʊrɪt/
    • Erroneo, equivocado
    • That answer is inaccurate
  81. Weep
    past Wept
    • Shed tears
    • The man was weeping in a corner
  82. last but not least
    Last but not least here is the final graduate
  83. Ought
    • Debería
    • You ought to work harder than that
  84. Lay off the sauce
    Give up alcohol
  85. Plum
  86. Good going
    • Well done
    • Nice job
    • You did a great job, good going
  87. Rip [sth] out
    • arrancar
    • When I see an interesting photo in the newspaper, I often rip it out.
  88. Gullible
    • Crédulo
    • Dana is so gullible, she would believe anything.
  89. Landlord
    Manager de un edificio
  90. Show your true colors
    Ser auntentico
  91. Shed
  92. Amuse
    • Divertir, causar gracia
    • John's jokes amused the whole family.
  93. Utterly
    • Completamente
    • We were utterly desolated
  94. meat loaf
    Pastel de carne
  95. Underestimated /ˌʌn.dɚˈes.tə.meɪt/
    • subestimar
    • The boss underestimates Linda; she's capable of much more complicated jobs, if only he'd give them to her!
  96. Outrageous /aʊtˈreɪdʒəs/
    Indignante, intolerante

    John was rude all evening; his behaviour was outrageous.
  97. Disrespecful
  98. Dress up
    • vestirse de gala, ponerse elegante
    • The actress loves dressing up for film premieres.
    • Lisa dressed her daughter up in a pretty dress.
  99. Fortune teller /ˈfɔːtʃən/
  100. relive [sth]
    • Revivir
    • When Sandra daydreams, she relives her happiest moments.
  101. Headline
  102. Come clean
  103. defeated
  104. Distinc
  105. Eager

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