HS102 Chapter 4 Vocabulary

  1. Halo Effect
    The tendency to form an overall positive impression of a person on the basis of one positive characteristic.
  2. Elements of Perception Checking.
    • 1. A description of the behavior your noticed
    • 2. At least two possible interpretations of the behavior
    • 3. A request for clarification about how to interpret the behavior.
  3. Empathy
    Is the ability to re-create another person's perspective, to experience the world from the other's point of view.
  4. Sympathy
    You view the other person's situation from your point of view.  With empathy, you view it from the other person's perspective.
  5. Androgynous
    Combining masculine and feminine traits
  6. Attribution
    To describe the process of explaining people's behavior.
  7. Ethnocentrism
    The attitude that one's own culture is superior to others.
  8. Gender Role
    Socially approved ways that men and women are expected to behave.
  9. Interpretation
    Attaching meaning to sense data
  10. Narratives
    Stories we use to describe our personal world.
  11. Negotiation
    A big part of sense-making occurs between and among people as they influence one another's perceptions and try to achieve a shared perspective.
  12. Organization
    Selecting information and arrange it in a meaningful way.
  13. Punctation
    The determination of causes and effects in a series of interactions.
  14. Stereotyping
    Exaggerated generalizations associated with a categorizing system.
  15. Selection
    Impressions we will attend to.
  16. Self-Serving Bias
    In an attempt to convince ourselves and others that the positive face we show to the world is true, we tend to judge ourselves in the most generous terms possible.
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