Relining and Rebasing

  1. What is relining and rebasing?
    • Relining: resurfacing of the tissue surface
    • Rebasing: replacement of the entire denture base
  2. In relining/ rebasing, which impression technique is preferred in patient with a distal extension RPD with easily displaced mucosa?
    the open-mouth selective pressure technique

    Remember: tooth support RPD or a distal extension RPD with firm mucosa can accommodate either the closed-mouth functional impression or the open-mouth selective pressure technique.
  3. There are 2 indications for relining:
    Which one is the deciding factor as to whether relining need to be done?
    • occlusion and stability
    • Stability (rotation of distal extension) is the deciding factor.

    Remember: underocclusion of artificial dention might be caused by wearing of thedenture
  4. Does the denture need to relined when
    occlusion: inadequate, stability: good?
    No, it need to occlusal surface adding or tooth rearrangement.
  5. Patient wearing CD/RPD complains about loose CD/.
    What is happening with CD/ and /RPD?
    What treatment does patient need?
    • CD/ shift downward to occlude /RPD giving adequate occlusion.
    • /RPD lost stability
    • Treatment is relining /RPD.

    Remember: adequate occlusion and poor stability can occur in situation when upper teeth extruded or upper denture shift downward to occlude lover RPD that need relining.
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