1. anus
    an opening were feces are excreted out of the body after passing through the rectum and anal canal
  2. bowel incontinence
    inabilty of the anal sphincter to control the discharge of fecal and gaseous material
  3. bowel training program
    program that manipulates factors within a person's control ( timing of defecation, exercise, diet) to produce a regular pattern of comfortable defecation without medications and enemas
  4. cathartic
    medication that strongly increases gastrointestinal motility and promotes defecation
  5. colostomy
    an opening into the colon that permits feces to exit through the stoma
  6. constipation
    passage of dry, hard, fecal material
  7. defecation
    emptying of the intestinal tract, synonym for bowel movement
  8. diarrhea
    passage of liquid and unformed stools
  9. endoscopy
    direct visualization of hollow organs of the body using an endoscope or flexible, lighted tube
  10. enema
    introduction of solution into the lower bowel
  11. fecal impaction
    collection in the rectum of hardened feces that cannot be passed
  12. feces
    intestinal waste products
  13. flatulence
    excessive formation of gases in gastrointestinal tract
  14. flatus
    intestinal gas
  15. hemorrhoids
    abnormally distended rectal veins
  16. ileostomy
    opening into the small intestine allows fecal content fron the ileum to be eliminated through the stoma
  17. laxative
    drug used to induce emptying of the intestinal tract
  18. occult blood
    blood present in such minute quantities that it cannot be detected with the unassisted eye
  19. ostomy
    general term referring to an artificial opening; usually used to refer to an opening created for the excretion of body waste
  20. paralytic ileus
    paralysis of the intestinal peristalsis
  21. peristalsis
    involuntary, progressive wavelike movement of the musculature of the gastrointestinal tract
  22. stoma
    artificial opening for waste excretion located on the body surface
  23. stool
    excreted feces
  24. suppository
    oval-or cone-shaped substance that is inserted into the body cavity and that melts at body temperature, fecal softner when the stool is very hard.
  25. valsalva maneuver
    technique for bearing down for defecation/forcible exhalation against a closed glottis, resulting in increased intrathoracic pressure
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