1. Which city was best known for Tom Johnson reforms?
    Cleveland, Ohio
  2. What does initiative mean?
    Initiative is the process that allowed citizens to place measures or issues on a state ballot
  3. What is a recall?
    A recall is when voters removed unsatisfactory from their jobs
  4. Who were the NWSA?
    The NWSA were middle class and upper class women
  5. Who published the names of people who were involved in lynching?
    Ida B. Wells
  6. What group did americans believe were too large?
    Trust groups
  7. What does WTUL stand for?
    Women Trade Union League
  8. What famous offer did Roosevelt give to the people?
  9. What is the Sherman Antitrust Act?
    The Sherman Antitrust Act are lawsuits against industries and corporations
  10. Who helped as a co-founder of NAACP?
    W.E.B Du Bois
  11. What is a reform?
    A suggest in change of government
  12. What are muckrachers?
    Muckrachers are the exposing of corpution
  13. Who said this: "It is the duty of the public to know."? What did they publish to expose the corpution?
    Ida Tarbell said that it was the duty of the public to know. To expose the corpution they used newspapers and magazines.
  14. Who said this: "Lifting as we climb."?
    National Assoication of Colored Women (NACW)
  15. Who said this: "I feel as strong as a Bull Moose."?
  16. Who passed the Sherman Antitrust Act?
    Windrow Wilson
  17. What were the first three states that gave women the right to vote?
    Wyoming, Utah, Idaho
  18. What did the National Association of Colored Women(NACW) do?
    The NACW helped Afican American women have better rights
  19. What did the Society of American Indians do?
    The Society of American Indians helped get equal rights for American Indians
  20. What did mutualists do?
    Mutualists helped raise money for insurance and legal help
  21. What did Booker T. Washington accomplish?
    Booker T. Washington accomplishments were:

    • 1. founder of the National Business League
    • 2. taught himself to read
    • 3. promoted a Back-to-Africa movement
    • 4. wrote an autobiography
    • 5. found the Tuskegge Institute in 1881
  22. What did Ida Wells accomplish?
    Some of Ida Wells accomplishments were:

    • 1. wrote a book
    • 2. editor of a magazine
  23. What did W.E.B. Du Bois accomplish?
    Some of W.E.B. Du Bois accomplishments:

    • 1. started the Niagara Movement
    • 2. joined the NAACP
    • 3. first African American to receive doctorate degree from Harvard
  24. What did Carlos Montezuma accomplish?
    Some of Carlos Montezuma accomplishments were:

    • 1. became an activist
    • 2. exposed government abuse
  25. How did corrupt political bosses get voters for their parties?
    Corrupt political bossed got voters for their parties by doing favors for people, like offering turkey dinner and summerboat rides, providing jobs for immigrants, and helping needy families
  26. Why were journalists important to the reform movement?
    Journalists were important to the reform movement because they aided the reforms by exposing injustices and corruption
  27. What did the 17th Amendment provide?
    The 17th Amendment provided for the direct election of senators
  28. What did the 19th Amendment provide?
    The 19th Amendment provided for the women suffrage
  29. What is arbitration?
    Arbitration is settling the dispute by agreeing to accept the decision of an impartial outsider
  30. What was the purpose of the Federal Reserve Act?
    The purpose of the Federal Reserve Act was to regulate banking
  31. What is discrimination?
    Discrimination is unequal treatment because of race, religion, ethnic background, or place of birth
  32. What is the Gentlemen's Agreement?
    The Gentlemen's Agreement is a restiction of Japanese immigration to teh United States
  33. Who did he Ku Klux Klan affect?
    African Americans, Catholics, Jews, Immigrants
  34. Who did the Society of American Indians affect?
    Native Americans
  35. Who did the Temperance Movement affect?
    Catholics, Immigrants, Irish
  36. Who did the Trade Unions affect?
    African Americans, Women, Immigrants
  37. Who did the Order of Sons of America affect?
    Immigrants and Mexican Americans
  38. Who did the Civil Service affect?
  39. Who did the Gentlemen's Agreement affect?
    Immigrants and Japanese
  40. Who did the American Protective Association affect?
  41. What is a referendum?
    Gave voters ability to accept or reject the state legislature
  42. Who was Dr. Carlos Montezuma? What were his belifs about Native Americans?
    Dr. Carlos Montezuma was one of the Society of American Indians founding member. He was an Apache who had been raised by whites. Carlos believed that federal policies were hurting Native Americans. Also, he believed that Native Americans should leave reservations and make their own way in whte society.
  43. How did Roosevelt promote conservation?
    Roosevelt promoted conservation by taking steps to help forests, mineral deposits, and water resources. in 1905 he proposed the U.S. Forest Service. Also, he convinced Congress to set aside millions of acres of national forests and created the nation's first wildlife sanctuaries. Formed the National Conservation Commision to produce the first survey of the country's natural resources.
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