quiz 2 medications

  1. LISPRO (fast-acting, food available)
    NPH (intermediate-acting, food available, can mix, clear to cloudy)
    LANTUS (long-acting, can't mix, same time every day, 0 peak)
    • give: replace insulin, pancreas broken
    • a/p: S/S of hypo and hyperglycemia, BS
    • teach: S/S of hypo and hyperglycemia, "sugar high/skin dry"
  2. METFORMIN (type II, slows liver production)
    GLYBURIDE (increase insulin, secrete by pancreas, type II)
    PIOGLITAZONE (type II, decrease insulin resistance, increase glucose to muscle)
    • give: help treat type II
    • a/p: BS
    • teach: diet, exercise, S/S hypoglycemia
    • give: hypothyroidism
    • a/p: blood draw (T3 & T4), weight
    • teach: take on empty stomach, 30-60 minutes before meal and drinking coffee
    • give: hyperthyroid (Graves disease)
    • a/p: check T3 & T4 levels, weight
    • teach: 3-12 wks to take effect, most likely will radiate thyroid, then will need medicine T4
    • give: promotes water reabsorption, decease urine output, DM insipidus, cardiac arrest
    • a/p: output, pulse, BP, water intoxicity, MI
    • teach: measure output, uncontrolled bleeding, avoid alcohol, check VS
  6. ESTRADIOL (regulating estrogen levels, menopause, prevent of bone loss)
    • give: prevent pregnancy
    • hold: blood clots
    • after: increase risk clot, CA
    • teach: take everyday as prescribed, no smoking
    • give: induction of labor
    • a/p: contractions, bleeding, HR, fetal monitoring
    • teach: severe contractions
  8. TESTOSTERONE (can be abused)
    • give: boys with delayed puberty, men who have had prostate cancer
    • hold: check Hgb/Hct, testosterone levels, prostate cancer
    • after: growth roid rage
    • teach: can cause moodiness
  9. SILDENAFIL (0 nitrates)
    • give: erectile dysfunction
    • a/p: BP, cardiac problems
    • teach: seek medical attention for an erection lasting more than 4 hours, don't take within 24 hours of nitrates
    • give: BPH, reduce prostate size
    • before: PSA levels, liver function
    • after: urinary stream given for male baldness, hypotension, prostate size
    • teach: months to take effect, decrease libido, not for pregnant women
  11. DIPHENHYDRAMINE (rhinitis, allergies, sleepy)
    LORATADINE (rhinitis, sometimes sleepy)
    PSEUDOEPHEDRINE (rhinitis, limit use, increase HR
    • give: allergies, decongestant
    • before: LOC, asthma, respiratory issues, glaucoma
    • after: respirations, hypersensitivity
    • teach: take as prescribed, 0 pregnancy, seasonal or when exposed
    • give: stimulate cough, help to cough stuff up
    • a/p: cough, lung sounds
    • teach: cough will increase to get mucus out of body
    • give: break up mucus
    • a/p: congestion, lung sounds
    • teach: breathing exercises
  14. BECLAMETHOSONE (typically inhaler takes longer overtime)
    PREDNISONE (pill)
    • give: for asthma
    • before: HR, baselines R, BP, P
    • after: HR, BP, chest pain, temp, depression
    • teach: rinse mouth after each treatment, weight gain, cardiac collapse if stopped abruptly
  15. ALBUTEROL (asthma, open airways, emergency)
    THEOPHYLLINE (routine use, take as prescribed)
    • give: asthma, COPD, widens bronchi, aids respiratory distress
    • a/p: R, lung sounds, HR, BP
    • teach: 0 smoking, limit caffeine, correct inhaler techniques
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