Space - Glossary Term List

  1. Celestial Object
    A natural object located outside of Earth's atmosphere
  2. Astronomer
    Someone who studies space
  3. Revolution
    An orbit around the sun
  4. Rotation
    An orbit around a planet's own axis
  5. Constellation
    A group of stars
  6. Apparent Magnitude
    The measurement for the brightness of a star
  7. Asterism
    A pattern of stars within a constellation
  8. Pointer stars
    Stars that point to a constellation or star more significant that itself
  9. Circumpolar
    A constellation that can be viewed throughout the year
  10. Zenith
    The point in the sky directly above the observer
  11. Tides
    The gravitational push/pull of the water due to the moon
  12. Phases of the moon
    The different amounts of illuminations of the moon as it orbits the earth
  13. Lunar eclipse
    When the Earth gets in between the Sun and the Moon
  14. Solar eclipse
    When the Moon gets in between the Sun and the Earth
  15. Why do we have seasons?
    Because the earth is tilted 22.5 degrees, and as it rotates, different parts of the earth are exposed to the Sun
  16. Planet
    An object that orbits a star, is not a star, is spherical, and doesn't share its orbit with another object
  17. Inner Planets
    Any planet within the asteroid belt (relative to the sun)
  18. Outer planets
    Any planets outside of the asteroid belt
  19. Solar system
    A group of planets that circle one or more stars
  20. Retrograde motion
    The apparent motion when Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn move along with the fixed stars due to Earth's rotation. It then seems as if they are "wandering" because they are against the fixed stars.
  21. Astronomical Unit
    A unit of measurement (distance) which is the distance from the Earth to the Sun
  22. Orbital radius
    The average distance between an object orbiting the Sun and the object.
  23. Geocentric Model
    The theory that every object in the solar system rotated around the earth
  24. Heliocentric model
    The more updated theory that states that everything in the Solar System rotates around the Sun
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