Unit two (Identity) - set 1

  1. What is the difference between numerical identity and qualitative identity? Provide an example
    • Qualitative identity -  refers to the similarity between two or more things- similar in terms of quality or properties (When A and B are similar in characteristic properties)
    • - Ex : Identical Twins 
    • Numerical Identity - One and the same thing 
    • - Ex: Clark Kent and Superman are identical and one and the same thing 
    • - H20 and water are the same thing
  2. Why is numerical identity the only form of identity that is important when discussing issues like survival after death
    • When a person dies and goes to heaven they have similar psychologically but are not numerically identical to the person when that they were when they were alive. 
    • - Gretchen believes that taking only your consciousness and replicating it into a new body doesn't make you the same person/ numerically identical  
    • - If we get praised for our actions we want it to be the same person not similar to us
  3. What is Leibniz Law?
    In order for two things to be numerically identical, they must share all and only the same properties.
  4. What is the soul criterion of personal identity?
    • Miller states that the mind and soul is an immaterial substance. The soul criterion means that the same soul= the same person. 
    • - although the soul cant be tasted, touched, or seen, one knows its the same because the same body = the same soul
  5. Why is the soul criterion of personal identity problematic? Why doesn’t it work to identify persons across time?
    • You cant always identify if the same soul is in the same body because you cant actually see, touch, taste, or smell it. There is no way of testing this hypothesis. 
    • - This criterion doesn't work overtime because our judgments about persons are not groundless and without foundation. (no way to see if it the same soul in the same person)
  6. What is the difference between remembering and actually remembering?
    • Actually remembering is recalling events that actually took place and happened. 
    • Remembering is when you seem to remember something but actually did not experience it.
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