API 570 Problem Children

  1. What is a cause for fatigue cracking?
    Cyclic stress
  2. REPAIRS - Number of new flange assemblies to be inspected during repairs and alterations?
  3. INSP - Basis of API 570 piping classifications?
    Consequence of failure
  4. CORROSION - Method by which process leaks can lead to brittle fracture?
  5. NDE - CMLs that must be measure during a thickness inspection?
    CML with the earliest renewal date
  6. CORROSION - Type of soil that is most corrosive?
    Low resistivity
  7. Flanges - When mating flanges, the maximum amount of unparallel allowed (per diameter of flange in feet)?
    1/16" per foot
  8. FLANGES - Max offset for bolt-holes for mating flanges?
  9. NDE - Suggested diameter of a CML exam point?
  10. PREHEAT ZONE - Distance from the start of the weld?
    Greater of: 3" or 1.5T
  11. PWHT ZONE - Minimum width of band?
  12. CORROSION - Soil to air distance in the air from the interface?
  13. CORROSION - Distance to dig when inspecting for soil to air corrosion?
  14. CORROSION - Soil to air area distance in soil from the interface?
  15. NDE - Minimum upstream limit of intensive examination of injection point circuit?
  16. PWHT - Minimum overlap for PWHT when using multiple heats?
  17. WELD QUALIFY - Minimum weld length when qualifying a welding operator with RT/UT of the first production weld?
  18. UNDERGROUND - Minimum length of buried pipe to expose when excavating for inspection?
    6'-8' length
  19. REPAIRS - Maximum size of fillet weld patch on pipe?
    1/2 diameter
  20. CIRCUITS - Minimum upstream limit of injection point circuit?
    Greater of: 12" or 3 pipe diameters
  21. NDE - Minimum downstream limit of intensive examination of injection point circuit?
    10 pipe diameters
  22. CIRCUITS - Minimum downstream limit of injection point circuit?
    Lesser of: 1st direction change + 25' or 2nd direction change.
  23. Subject to chloride stress-corrosion cracking?
    300 SS
  24. Subject to polytheonic acid stress-corrosion cracking?
    Sensitized 300 SS
  25. Testing - Minimum flash point of hydrocarbons used for leak testing?
  26. Corrosion - Temperature where chloride stress corrosion cracking becomes a concern?
  27. Inspection - Operating temperature when a corrosion specialist must input on an inspection plan?
  28. NDE - Maximum temperature for UT readings per API 574 using special delay lines and water cooled transducer?
  29. Flanges - Minimum thread engagement acceptance criteria per 570?
    -1 thread
  30. Flanges - Minimum thread engagement acceptance criteria per B31.3
    0 thread
  31. Ratio of endurance limit stress to ultimate tensile stress for carbon steel?
    0.4 to 0.5
  32. Interval - Suggested interval for above-grade visual surveillance of buried pipe?
    6 months
  33. Insp - Suggested interval for close-interval potential survey of buried pipe with poor cp?
    3-5 years
  34. When should temporary and non-welded repairs be repaired/replaced?
    Next opportunity
  35. NDE - Pipe sizes can use Profile RT to find localized corrosion?
    ≤ 8"
  36. Pipe size where pipe is almost always made using rolled and welded plate?
  37. Test - Maximum stress allowed during a pressure test?
    90% of SMYS
  38. Test - pH of water needed to reduce likelihood of MIC (bugs)?
    >10 pH
  39. Test - Pressure to perform inspection during a pressure test of pipe that has been in service?
    ≤ MAWP
  40. Corrosion - Typical external corrosion rate for  a dry rural area?
    < 1mpy
  41. Corrosion - Typical external corrosion rate for inland locations with moderate rain and humidity?
    1-3 mpy
  42. Corrosion - Possible external corrosion rate for industrial environments with acid or sulfur compounds?
    5-10 mpy
  43. Corrosion - Possible external corrosion for marine locations/
    20 mpy
  44. Welding - Meaning of the 1st two digits in the electrode designation for a SMAW electrode?
  45. Welding - Meaning of "S" in the electrode designation for a GMAW or GTAW electrode?
    Solid Wire
  46. NDE - Minimum overlay with a UT scan, % of transducer diameter?
  47. Testing - Minimum pneumatic test pressure, % of design pressure?
  48. Testing - MInimum test pressure for underground pipe, % of maximum operating pressure. Test in lieu of digging
  49. Valves that should be inspected for thermal fatigue?
    cat reformer
  50. Where dew point corrosion often occurs?
    Overhead fractionation
  51. Document that owner/user must have that is following API 570?
    QA/Repair manual
  52. Document required when owner audits inspection program?
    Tracking system
  53. Document required for each piping system?
    Inspection plan
  54. DOcument required for each PRD repair organization?
    QA manual and training program
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