Digestive System

  1. What are the 11 organs in the intraperitoneal cavity
    • stomach
    • spleen
    • pancreas (tail)
    • liver
    • gallbladder
    • duodenum (1st part)
    • small intestines from duodenal-jejunal flexure to ileocecal junction
    • cecum
    • appendix
    • transverse colon
    • sigmoid colon
  2. What are the 11 organs in the retroperitoneal cavity
    • kidneys
    • aorta
    • IVC
    • pancreas (head and body)
    • liver/bare area
    • urinary bladder
    • duodenum (2nd, 3rd and 4th parts)
    • ascending colon
    • descending colon
    • rectum 
    • anal canal
  3. what three arteries supply the esophagus
    • interior thyroid a
    • thoracic aorta (esophageal branches)
    • left gastric artery (@ esophageal hiatus)
  4. Flow of blood in celiac trunk (hepatic branch)

    *start with common hepatic a
    Common hepatic a-->proper hepatic a-->left and right hepatic a-->cystic a
  5. What are the 3 branches of the inferior mesenteric a
    • left colic
    • sigmoid 
    • superior rectal
  6. what are the two branches of the internal iliac a
    middle and inferior rectal (supplies the lower half of the rectum and with anastomose with superior rectal)
  7. branches of the splenic a (3)
    • small gastric a 
    • pancreatic a 
    • left gastroepiploic a
  8. What are the 5 branches of the superior mesenteric a
    • inferior pancreaticduodenal a
    • right colic a
    • ileocolic a
    • middle colic a
    • intestinal a branches
  9. Veins of stomach, duodenum, pancreas, and small and large intestines drain into (sequence)
    portal v-->liver-->hepatic v-->IVC
  10. esophageal anastomoses (2)
    gastric v with esophageal v -->azygous v
  11. paraumbilical anastomoses (3)
    portal v with paraumbilical v (near falciform lig.) with superior epigastric v-->internal thoracic (mammary) v-->subclavian v
  12. rectal anastomoses (4)
    superior rectal v with interior and middle rectal v with internal iliac v -->IVC
  13. retroperitoneal anastomoses (3)
    portal v. with inferior phrenic v with IVC
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