muscular tissue #4 of the 4 primary tissue types

  1. what are the 3 histological types of muscle tissue
    • skeletal 
    • cardiac
    • smooth
  2. what is muscle tissue responsible for?
    highly cellular & very vascular and is responsible for the movement of the body
  3. what is muscle tissue composed of
    composed of filaments of actin & myosin called myofilaments
  4. what does muscle tissue exert on other tissues?
    • move limbs
    • push blood through a vessel
    • expel urine

    also source of body heat!
  5. only one that is voluntary !
    skeletal muscle
  6. covered with connective tissue & attached to the bones and skin to cause movements
  7. The look banded or striated  because of the orderly arrangement of their myofilament
    cells are long, cylindrical unbranched with and called muscle fiber 
    and has multiple peripheral nuclei
  8. Used for movement, facial expression, posture, breathing, speech, swallowing and excretion
  9. Found only in vertebrate heart
    this one is involuntary 
    has striations 
    has shorter cells called myocytes
    cardiac muscle
  10. has intercalated discs (gap junctions)
    blood pumping is done by this muscle 
    fibers branch
    cardiac muscle
  11. Small spindle-shaped fusiform cells
    also is involuntary 
    NOT striated
    smooth muscle
  12. sheets of muscle found in walls of most hollow organs , iris, hair follicles and sphincters .
    Often arranged in two layers: circular and longitudinal
    smooth muscle
  13. FUNCTIONS  are swallowing, GI tract movements, labor contractions, control of airflow, erection of hairs and control of pupi
    smooth muscle
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muscular tissue #4 of the 4 primary tissue types
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