DC FireFighting

  1. What spaces are protected by Seawater sprinkling?
    Small Arms Magazine, 57mm Magazine, Trash Handling Room, CIWS Magazine
  2. What forms of communication are available on the USCGC Munro?
    Sound-Powered Phone, 1MC, KITE, Interior Voice Communications System, Hydra Radios, IVECS 60, Ships Service Telephone, Message Blanks
  3. What 2 Sound Powered Phone Circuits are there on Munro?
    X1JC for DC and JP for Gun Control
  4. How many SPP Circuits are there and where are they?
    • -Pilot House
    • -Comm Center
    • -Ops Center
    • -Fwd Repair Locker
    • -Fwd AFFF station
    • -Aft AFFF Station
    • -DCC/ECR stations in ECR (2)
    • -AMMR
    • -Aft Repair Locker
    • -Steering Gear STBD
    • -Steering Gear Port
    • -Aux Machinery Room
    • -FMMR
    • -Quarterdeck
  5. How many jacks are there on the JP circuit and where are they?
    • There are 7 jacks located in:
    • -57mm GCR
    • -57mm magazine
    • -Forecastle
    • -SRBOC Deck
    • -CIWS Deck
    • -CIWS control room
    • -Mk160 Operator station
  6. When someone fails to hear what is said over the nets what should they say?
    Request you say again your last
  7. What can be used in concert with one another to create new circuits?
    X40J junction boxes and Pumpkin Line
  8. What are the 4 principles that Investigators live by?
    Investigators live by the four principles of:

    investigation: Cautiously, Thoroughly, Report and Repeat (CTRR)!
  9. How many liters of oxygen does the cylinder hold on an SCBA?
    27 liters
  10. What does a red flashing light on the SCBA mean?
    1 red flashing light means 25% or less
  11. What does the FFE consist of:
    • a. Protective coverall
    • b. Flash gear
    • c. Firefighters helmet
    • d. Firefighters boots (steel toe and shank
    • rubber)
    • e. Firefighters gloves
    • f. Storage bag
    • g. Stored in the canvas bag with the boots in
    • the pant legs to speed up dress out time and

    the coveralls pushed down around the boots
  12. pg 1000, 29, 50
  13. What is the Fire Finder’s maximum detection distance and at what angle?
    The Fire Finder’s maximum detection distance is 15 feet with a 2-½ inch wide angle.
  14. Can the Fire Finder’s detect temps above 200 degrees?
  15. What are the 4 sides of the fire tetrahedron?
    Fuel, Oxygen, Heat, and Uninhibited Chemical Reaction
  16. What are the 3 different ways heat is transferred?
    Conduction-Transfer of heat through an object like metal

    Convection-Transfer of heat through a motion of gases or liquids

    Radiation-Transfer of heat across a gap
  17. What spaces are protected by AFFF sprinkling?
    Port/Stbd Hangars, JP-5 Pump Room, Incinerator Room, AMR/FMMR/AMMR/SSDG #3 Bilges
  18. Where are the AFFF Stations?
    2 Stations – 225 Gal Tanks (2-28-1-E) & (2-61-0-E)
  19. Where are the AFFF hard hose reels located?
    AMR, FMMR, AMMR, Port/Stbd Hangar, Aft Boat Deck/ 1

    soft hose for SSDG#3
  20. What spaces are protected by Magazine Sprinkler Systems?
    • 57mm Magazine
    • Small Arms Magazine
    • CIWS Magazine
  21. Where are all the ESPs located?
    2 in forward water mist station, 1 in aft water mist station and 1 in repair 3 annex
  22. Where are the P-100s located?
    Locations of the pumps are Port and Stbd sides of the Foc’sle and (2) On the the STBD side on the fantail as well as one pump in the Rescue Station
  23. What are the Main Spaces?
    • AMR – Auxiliary Machinery Room
    • FMMR – Forward Main Machinery Room
    • AMMR – Aft Main Machinery Room
    • CIC – Combat Information Center
    • ECR – Engine Control Room
    • DCC – Damage Control Central
  24. Last Letters of CCOL
    • A         Storage areas
    • M     Magazines
    • AA      Cargo holds
    • T      Vertical access
    • C     Command & Control
    • V     Voids
    • E     Machinery space
    • Q      All other spaces
    • WW  Cargo water tanks
    • W     Water tanks
    • FF    Cargo fuel tanks
    • F      Fuel tanks
    • L      Living spaces
    • J      JP-5
    • Frames forward of the Forward Perpendicular are given a single letter name frames aft of the Aft
    • Perpendicular are given a double letter
    •         e (AA, BB, CC, etc.)
  25. What is the first step in performing a pipe repair using a soft patch?
    Drive softwood wedges into the hole
  26. What is the first step in performing a pipe repair using a jubilee patch?
    Place a piece of rubber or gasket material over the hole
  27. What is the first step in performing a pipe repair using a syntho-glass patch?
    Remove all pressure from pipe being repaired
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