Family 400

  1. Theories:
    • -Are a set of propositions which explain a social phenomena 
    •  -Inform research
  2. Wallace Wheel hypotheses are constructed using what kind of thinking?
  3. Three major parts of theories
    • Assumptions: non-tested, foundations of a theory 
    • Concepts: the building blocks of a theory
    • Propositions: how the concepts of a theory affect one another
  4. Assumptions of Family Developmental Theory
    • -Families undergo stages of development 
    • -There are tasks associated with different points along the family life cycle
    • -Families should be viewed over time
  5. Family Development assumptions focus on...
    The systematic and patterned changes experienced by families
  6. What are the three times in the Family Development theory?
    • -Ontogenetic 
    • -Generational
    • -Historical
  7. According to family development theory, the most important factor to consider is...
    The stage of the family life course
  8. The family process dimension of "time" is critical to understanding and explaining family change. Time is best measured in family development theory as:
    Life events time (stage depend on your current life events)
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