Spanish3 frases

  1. más lista que nunca
    as ready as I'll ever be (more ready than never)
  2. hacer una montaña de un grano de arena
    make a mountain out of a mole hill (make a mountain out of a grain of sand)
  3. así es
    that's just the way it is
  4. hoy en día
    today (nowadays)
  5. nada que ver con
    nothing to do with (nothing that to see with)
  6. no me importa un pepino
    I don't give a ____ (It doesn't matter to me a cucumber)
  7. osea
    that is to say, I mean, that is
  8. quiero decir
    I mean (I want to say)
  9. ísimo
    the most (flaco - flaquísimo) (bajo - bajísimo)
  10. ¡basta ya!
    enough already
  11. tomar sol
    to sunbathe (to take sun)
  12. de moda
    up to the latest style / trend - in
  13. claro
    I don't blame you
  14. un montón
    a whole lot of
  15. por lo tanto
  16. muy amable
    very kind (you are)
  17. de repente / de pronto
  18. sino que
    but rather
  19. sano y salvo
    safe and sound (healthy and safe)
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