Probationary Reports

  1. The evaluator shall make a comment in each of the categories listed on the Comment Section. Comments should include
    • 1.Probaioner's strengths
    • 2. Improvement in levels of performance
    • 3. Unsatisfactory performance
    • 4. Course of corrective action, including time frames for improvement
  2. At the time of review, one signed report will go_____ and one signed report forwarded to ______
    • probationer
    • PF&R Human Resources Section (139/302)
  3. What envelope is used to intra-depratmet delivery
  4. Interim Porbationary Reports
    • 1. Check the box at the top of the form indicating that this is Ann "Interim Report."
    • 2. Only grade the specific problem area on the form.
    • 3. Make comments in the appropriate category listing the deficiency, corrective action, time-line for correction and possible further action if deficiency is not corrected.
  5. Transfer of Members during Probationary Periods.
    1. less than 15 days
    2. 15 days left
    • 1. complete the the probationary report and forward it at the time of transfer
    • 2.supervisor of the probationer's new assignment after consultation shall complete and forward
  6. Who assigns ownership of probationary reports for traveling and Kelly relief firefighters and officers
    Deputy Chief (C-103)
  7. minimum amount of time for Paramedic FTEP
    12 weeks
  8. At a minimum, all tasks shall be completed by the probationary lieutenant no later than the end of their_____
    eleventh month of probation
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Probationary Reports
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