Traffic Regulations

  1. When responding to alarms, all drivers shall comply with Oregons's
    Basic Rule
  2. Basic Rule states
    you must always drive at a speed that is reasonable under existing conditions on all roadways at all times
  3. To obey the Basic Ruse, you need to be thinking of
    • other traffic
    • surface and width of road
    • dangers at intersections
    • weather
    • visibility
  4. When visibility of the cross street is limited to less than ____ feet in either direction, the emergency vehicle shall slow to a maximum of ____ Miles Per Hour or stop if necessary.
    • 400 feet
    • 20 Miles Per Hour
  5. Drivers shall not rely on a signal to proceed into or through a controlled intersection from anyone other than
    Police officer or official
  6. Turn signals will be used ___ feet continuously, before lane changes or turns during emergency or non-emergency driving.
    100 feet
  7. Who is responsible for the safe operation of PF$R vehicles
    Company officers and drivers
  8. Who reviews accidents involving PF&R vehicles
    City of Portland's Fleet Accident Review Board (FARB)
  9. What G.O. will be used as a guideline in the review process of (FARB)
    G.O. 24
  10. Officers shall be responsible for the assignment of drivers to all apparatus in their company. If for any reason these assignments cannot be accomplished, the officer shall notify
    Battalion Headquarters
  11. The driver certification _______
    Where is this form kept
    Form 200.79

    • one forwarded to the Training, Safety & EMS Division
    • one copy shall be filed in the Stations's Administrative House Policy Notebook
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