1. What G.O is Computers
  2. Who can approve long distance and subscription service
    Division head
  3. Requests for non-standard hardware shall go to
    via chain-of-command, to the PF&R Senior Business Systems Analyst
  4. How often is backing up of all computer data at stations
    • Daily and automatic
    • BTS will send a daily message that it is backed up
  5. If you have a Major Outage outside of BTS business hours (0700-1630) call
    • C-103
    • all after hours occur a cost and C-103 has to approve
  6. Example of Major Outages
    Essential business functions are halted, people cannot work, and outage is costing the city for every minute of delay
  7. Pff&R use of Internet access must be consistent with City Code and policies as described in
    HRAR 4.08 Information Technologies
  8. Examples of Acceptable Use
    • a.Communication with fed, state,or local gov
    • b.Communication for professional development
    • c. To research work-related topics
    • d.administrative communications or activités that are in direct support of normal PF&R Programs
  9. Unacceptable Uses
    • 1. Breach of Security
    • 2. Misuse of Service
    • 3. Illegal Use
    • 4. Commercial Endorsement
    • 5. Political Activities- but Can for development of delivery of an objective and fair presentation of facts to a ballot proposition as allowed by State law 
    • 6. No Porn
  10. All employees and responsible for reading and signing
    PF&R Internet Access Application Form 100.04
  11. Where do Supervisors forward a signed copy of Form 100.04
    PF&R Senior Business Systems Analyst (139/302)
  12. All e-mail messages are-
    public record and governed by the State of Oregon laws related to public records for a local governmental agency
  13. The sender of an e-mail message should stipulate the disposition of the message:
    • a. "Print and circulate to all shifts or staff"
    • b. "Print, circulate to all shifts or staff and post on the appropriate arch fire"
    • c. "Print, circulate to all shifts or staff and dispose"
  14. When sending a message from a shared location such as a fire station
    type your name at the bottom of the message
  15. All staff will empty any unnecessary or outdated "Deleted Items" on a _____ basis
  16. Who approves "All City E-Mail Users" or "PF&R All"
    appropriate Division Managers to the Fire Chief
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