2018 AQP

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    • What is the flight plan number?

    Upper right hand corner of the flight plan where it says "PLAN #___"
  1. (FOM Dispatch/Operational Control 3.2.19)
  2. Are you required to contact dispatch for this flight?
    • You must contact dispatch for the following flights:
    • Private/Public Charter
    • 14 CFR Part 91
    • Downline Multi leg
    • Dispatch Requested (flight plan remarks section)

    (FOM Dispatch/Operational Control 3.1.2)
  3. Is there a takeoff alternate for this flight?
    Would be listed on the end of the third line of the flight plan as TALT

    (FOM Dispatch/Operational Control 3.2.19)
  4. Can you takeoff with less than release fuel?

    (FOM Dispatch/Operational Control 3.3.4)
  5. What are Sun Country Cat ll/lll minimums?
    • Cat ll - 100' HAT or charted DA, RVR 1000' (lowest)
    • Cat lll - DH 50', RVR 600' (lowest)

    (QRH Operational Information OI.1.2)
  6. Can we depart without a IFR clearance?
    Yes, but must stay in VFR conditions and obtain a IFR clearance prior to passing 50 nm from departure airport.

    (FOM Preflight 4.5.4)
  7. What are standard takeoff minimums?
    1 sm or 5000 RVR for aircraft having 2 engines of less. SCA Lowest: 500 RVR with HIRL and CL lights.

    (FOM Departure 5.1.2)
  8. Can you fuel the aircraft with passengers on board?
    • Yes,
    • Engines off
    • No electrical connections/disconnections
    • Apu should not be started, but can be operating
    • Flt deck crew member must remain on flt deck
    • Door open: jetway with clear path to terminal
    • Door closed: doors armed w/flt attendant present
    • Flt deck must make announcement
    • Flt deck must notify fa's when fuelin begins and ends

    (FOM Ground operations 8.1.2)
  9. Who is responsible for "White Bucket Test"

    (FOM Ground Operations 8.1.3)
  10. How long can the flight deck be unattended with the APU operating?
    4 hours

    (FOM Ground Operations 8.1.4)
  11. Can a personal folding wheel chair be stowed in the cabin?
    • Yes,
    • Aft galley in catering cart position. Cart must be stowed in cargo zone 2 or 3 and weight and balance must be corrected.

    (FOM Passenger/Cargo 10.1.1)
  12. Can you continue past a planned re-release point with the proper amount of fuel without contacting dispatch?

    (FOM Dispatch/Operational Control 3.2.6)
  13. What is exemption 3585 and when can it be used?
    Provides relief from forecast conditional language (temp,prob) that may lower weather below approach minimums at destination. Allows SCA to dispatch to a destination with the lower mins in prob or tempo as long as a second alternate is added to flight plan.

    (FOM Dispatch/Operational Control 3.4.9)
  14. What is SCA lateral and vertical separation from thunderstorms requirements?
    • 10,000' and below = 5 miles
    • 10,000' - 25,000' = 10 miles
    • 25,000' and above = 20 miles

    5000' above cell

    (FOM Dispatch/Operational Control 3.4.15)
  15. When must the captain brief the taxi route?
    Night, RVR less than 4000' or visibility less than 3/4 mile

    (FOM Ground Operations 8.3.1)
  16. How do you preform an accuracy test for CLR/PLR?
    CLR: Verify accuracy of actual load bag piece and cargo weight fields against the ACARS - BAGS/CARGO page accessed via the ACARS - LOAD SHEET 1/2 page.

    (FOM Forms 14.1.17)

    PLR: Verify accuracy of shoals on board (infant's, passengers, and total) fields against the ACARS - LOAD SHEET 1/2 page (INF, PAX DETAIL, and SOULS) fields of the aircraft performance system.

    (FOM Forms 14.1.22)
  17. When must O2 mask be used on flight deck?
    Operating above fl250 when one pilot leaves the flight deck

    (FOM Enroute 6.1.1)
  18. When must you declare min fuel? Emergency fuel?
    • Min fuel: When calculated fuel burn to destination would plan you landing with reserve fuel plus alternate fuel if alternate is required.
    • Emergency fuel: landing with 3000 pounds or less.

    (FOM Dispatch/Operational Control 3.3.5)
  19. Can a captain divert a flight for a medical even if Medlink and dispatch advise against it?
    Yes, captains authority

    (FOM Flight Crews 2.3.4)
  20. Who must the captain contact in the event of a safety event?
    • SOC on the ground
    • Dispatch in the air

    (FOM Non-Normal Operations 9.3.7)
  21. How do you execute a missed approach in VFR conditions?
    A VFR go around is performed in the same manner as a IFR missed approach.

    • Towered airports: notify atc and comply with instructions
    • Non-towered airports: Remain clear of clouds and complete landing as soon as possible. If landing is not possible contact ATC for further instructions.

    • (SMAC 5.6.7)
    • (FOM Arrival 7.1.7)
  22. What are the lowest landing minimums authorized for Sun Country Airlines?
    Cat lll - DA 50', TDZ RVR 600'

    (FOM Arrival 7.1.2)
  23. What are circling minimums for Sun Country Airlines? Can we circle to land?
    • Reported ceiling at least 1000'
    • Visibility at least 3 miles
    • Weather is at least equal to the charted circling approach
    • MDA of 1000' or the MDA of the charted circling landing minimums

    (FOM Arrival 7.1.6)
  24. When does SCA recommend using a coupled approach?
    300' or 3/4 mile (RVR 4000) or below

    (FOM Arrival 7.1.6)
  25. Are wing walkers required?
    Yes, except when parking in an open ramp with a clear and safe aircraft clearance area.

    (FOM Ground Operations 8.1.5)
  26. Must you declare an emergency for a planned over weight landing?
    No, Operational Irregularity Safty Report

    (FOM Non-Normal Operations 9.3.9)
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