Detect icerbergs

  1. What is Detect Icebergs
    They are core beliefs and values that drive our emotions
  2. When do we use detect icebergs
    When our emotions or reactions seem out of proportion and is undermining our performance or effectiveness.
  3. How do we use it
    We ask the what question to identify the iceberg.  Once the iceberg is identified, think through issues such as the flexibility of your values.
  4. Heat of the moment thought vs icebergs
    Heat of the moment thoughts are on the surface of our awareness.

    Icebergs are core values and core beliefs
  5. What is T-C disconnect?
    Whey your emotions or reactions are out of proportion with the heat of the moment thought.
  6. How to identify icebergs
    • What is the most upsetting part of that for me
    • What does that mean to me
    • What is the worst part of that for me
    • Assuming that is true, what about that is upsetting to me
  7. What competency is detect icebergs?
    Self awareness
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Detect icerbergs
Detect icerbergs