MRT: Goal setting skill

  1. What is goal setting
    Goal Setting is a process to deliberately energize, direct and sustain behavior to ensure progress
  2. What are two sources of motivation
    • Intrinsic motivation: Internal motivation¬†
    • Extrensic motivation: Which is external and also know as instrumental motivatio
  3. What are the 7-Step Process
    • Define your goal: End state
    • Know where you are right now:¬†Energize
    • Decide what you need to develop: Priorities
    • Make a plan for Steady improvement: Smart step
    • Pursue regular action: WIN
    • Commit yourself completely: Maintain motivatio
    • Continually monitor your progress: IPR
  4. What is SMART in goal setting
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Action-focused
    • Realistic
    • Time-bound
  5. Goal Setting Key Principles
    • Performance
    • Motivation¬†
    • Self regulation
  6. When do you use goal setting?
    When you want to establish a plan to achieve success
  7. How do you use goal setting
    You execute the 7-step goal setting process
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