Muscle Innervations

  1. Intercostal muscles innervated by (2)
    intercosal and subcostal nerves
  2. transversus thoracis innervated by
    intercosal nerves
  3. serratus posterior superior and inferior innervated by
    intercosal n
  4. external, internal obliques and transverse innervated by (3)
    throacoabdominal nerves, iliohypogastric and ilioinguinal nerves
  5. Rectus abdominus innervated by
    thoracoabdominal nerves
  6. diaphragm innervated by
    phrenic n
  7. splenius muscles innervated by
    posterior (dorsal) rami of the cervical spinal nerves
  8. erector spinae muscle innervated by
    posterior (dorsal) rami of the spinal nerves
  9. transversospinal muscles innervated by
    posterior rami of the spinal nerves
  10. Anterior vertebral muscles (longus collis and longus capitis) innervated by
    anterior rami of the cerivcal spinal nerves
  11. lateral vertebral muscles (scalenes) innervated by
    anterior rami of the cervical spinal nerves
  12. sub occipital muscles innervated by
    posterior rami of C1 (sub occipital nerve)
  13. trapezius is innervated by
    CN 12 (hypoglossal)
  14. levator scapulae is innervated by
    brachial plexus
  15. rhomboid major and minor innervated by
    brachial plexus
  16. serratus anterior innervated by
    brachial plexus
  17. pectoralis minor innervated by
    brachial plexus
  18. Deltoid innervate by
    axillary nerve of the brachial plexus
  19. posterior rotator cuff muscles innervated by
    brachial plexus
  20. anterior rotator cuff muscles innervated by
    brachial plexus
  21. pectorals major innervated by
    brachial plexus
  22. latissimus dorsi innervated by
    Brachial plexus
  23. Teres major innervated by
    brachial plexus
  24. biceps brachii innervated by
    musculocutaneous nerve
  25. brachialis innervated by
    musculocutaneous nerve
  26. triceps brachii innervated by
    radial nerve
  27. flexor digitorum superficialis innervated by
    median nerve
  28. flex digitorum profundus innervated by
    two lateral heads of the medan nerve and medial two heads by ulnar nerve
  29. flexor pollicis longus innervated by
    median nerve
  30. brachioradialis innervated by
    radial nerve
  31. extensor digitorum innervated by
    radial nerve
  32. thenar innervated by
    median nerve
  33. hypothenar innervated by
    ulnar nerve
  34. interosseous innervated by
    median and ulnar (most) nerves
  35. iliacus and psoas major innervated by
    femoral nerve
  36. gluteus maxiumus innervated by
    inferior gluteal nerve
  37. gluteus medius and minimus innervated by
    superior gluteal nerve
  38. sartorius innervated by
    femoral nerve
  39. quad femoris innervated by
    femoral nerve
  40. adductor group innervated by
    obturator nerve
  41. hamstring group innervated by
    sciatic nerve
  42. gastrocemius and soleus innervated by
    sciatic nerve
  43. tom dick and harry innervated by
    sciatic nerve
  44. tibilais anterior and extensor digitorum longus innervated by
    sciatic nerve
  45. fibularis longus and brevis innervated by
    sciatic nerve
  46. flexor hallicus brevis innervated by
    sciatic nerve
  47. extensor hallicus brevis innervated by
    sciatic nerve
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