Korean Verbs 1

  1. 애쓰다
    try, endeavor
  2. 아끼다
    save, cherish
  3. 알다
  4. 알리다
    to let sb know, inform
  5. 앓다
    suffer (from), be sick
  6. 안되다
    to be unsuccessful
  7. 바다드리다
  8. 바뀌다
    change, be changed
  9. 발견되다
    be discovered, be found
  10. 발전하다
    develop, grow
  11. 발표하다
    announce, make public
  12. 발생하다
    happen, occur
  13. 발달하다
    develop, advance
  14. 반대하다
  15. 방문하다
  16. 밟다
    step on
  17. 바라다
    wish, hope, want
  18. 바르다
    apply, put on
  19. 벌다
    earn (money)
  20. 벌리다
    to open, to spread
  21. 벌어지다
    to get wide, to happen
  22. 벌이다
    to start, begin
  23. 벗어나다
    to get out
  24. 벗다
    to take off, undress
  25. 비치다
    to shine, be reflected
  26. 비추다
    to shine, reflect
  27. 비교하다
  28. 빌리다
    to borrow, take out a loan
  29. 볶다
    to stir-fry
  30. 붙이다
    to stick
  31. 붓다
  32. 붙다
    to stick to, to pass (a test)
  33. 챙기다
    to pack, to take care of
  34. 참석하다
    to attend
  35. 참다
    to suppress, bear, endure
  36. 차리다
    to set, prepare, to regain, recover
  37. 청소하다
    to clean
  38. 대다
    to put, touch, to do extremely
  39. 대하다
    to treat (sb)
  40. 다하다
    to run out, to carry out, fulfill
  41. 닦다
    to clean, wash
  42. 달다
    to hoist, attach, wear
  43. 달리다
    to hang, to be up to, depend on
  44. 담기다
    to be put in
  45. 담다
    to put, hold
  46. 당하다
    to go through, suffer
  47. 달아나다
    to escape, run away
  48. 닿다
    to touch, reach
  49. 들다
    to take, cost, to contain, to catch, to raise, to hold
  50. 들르다
    to drop by
  51. 드러나다
    to be exposed
  52. 드러내다
    to show, reveal
  53. 들어서다
    to enter, go into, to be built
  54. 들여다보다
    to look in(to)
  55. 돌리다
    to change, convert, to spin, turn
  56. 두다
    to put, set, to keep
  57. 둘러보다
    to look around
  58. 둘러싸다
    to surround
  59. 얻다
    to borrow, to gain, get
  60. 개발하다
    to develop, create
  61. 감추다
    to hide, disguise
  62. 감다
    to wind (up), to coil
  63. 강조하다
    to emphasize
  64. 가리키다
    to point, indicate
  65. 갖추다
    to prepare, be equipped with
  66. 거두다
    to collect, to achieve
  67. 건너다
    to cross (over)
  68. 그치다
    to stop, cease
  69. 근무하다
    to work
  70. 그러다
    to do that, do this
  71. 기르다
    to raise, grow, to develop
  72. 기록하다
    to record, write
  73. 기울이다
    to lean, to pay (attention)
  74. 고치다
    to repair, fix, to revise
  75. 고르다
    to choose, select
  76. 고려하다
    to consider
  77. 구경하다
    to see the sights, to look around
  78. 구하다
    • to seek, to get
    • to rescue, save
  79. 굽다
    to roast, grill, to bake
  80. 구성되다
    to be composed, be formed
  81. 관련되다
    to be related to
  82. 관찰하다
    to observe, to watch
  83. ~에 관한/~에 관해서
    ~에 대한, ~에 대해서
  84. 겪다
    to experience, to undergo
  85. 결심하다
    to resolve
  86. 견디다
    to endure, bear, stand
  87. 경험하다
    to experience
  88. 계산하다
    to calculate, to pay
  89. 해결하다
    to settle, to solve
  90. 흘리다
    to shed, drop
  91. 활용하다
    to use
  92. 일어서다
    to stand up
  93. 일으키다
    to raise, to cause
  94. 이루다
    to make, form, to achieve
  95. 이루어지다
    to be made up of, be achieved
  96. 잇다
    to connect, to continue
  97. 자라다
    to grow (up)
  98. 제곡하다
    to offer, provide
  99. 적다
    to write (down)
  100. 젖다
    to get wet
  101. 증가하다
    to increase, grow
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