DHE132 Chapter4

  1. Particulate matter -
    Extremely small paricles (dust from dental plaster or stone)
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) -
    Gloves, masks, gowns, eyewear, and other protective equipment for the employee
  3. Bio-aerosol -
    A cloud-like mist containing droplets, tooth dust, dental material dust, and bacteria of a particle size less than 5 microns in diameter
  4. Splatter -
    Small particles that may contain blood, saliva, oral particulate matter, water, and microbes
  5. Hazardous chemical -
    Chemical that can cause burns to the skin, eyes, lungs, etc. is poisonous or can cause fire
  6. Toxicity -
    The strength of a product or of a chemical to cause damage to the body
  7. flash point -
    The lowest temperature at which the vapor of a volatile substance will ignite with a flash
  8. Ignitable -
    A material or chemical that can erupt into fire easily
  9. Corrosive -
    Usually an acid or strong base that can cause damage to skin, clothing, metals, and equipment
  10. Reactive -
    The reaction of opposing chemical substances that creates a different end product
  11. Safety data sheet (SDS) -
    Printed product reports from the manufacturer containing important information about the chemicals, hazards, handling, cleanup and special PPE related to a product
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DHE132 Chapter4
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