MGT3203 Module 2

  1. What is a charter?
    The project charter is the deliverable that grants a project team (that is, the project manager and the core team) the right to continue into the more detailed planning stage of a project.
  2. Describe what an effective charter should
    • Authorize the project manager to proceed
    • Help the Project team and sponsor develop a common understanding
    • Help the project team and sponsor commit
    • Quickly screen out obviously poor projects
  3. What are some typical elements of a charter?
    • Title
    • Scope overview
    • business case
    • Background
    • Milestone schedule and acceptance Criteria
    • risks assumptions and constraints
    • resource estimates
    • stake holder list
    • Team operating principles
    • lessons learned
    • signatures
  4. What types of resources might be included in a resources needed section of a charter?
    • Materials
    • People
    • Equipment
    • Finances
  5. Identify the purpose of each element in a project charter.
    • Scope overview: determines what needs to be accomplished and how it will be done.
    • Business case: justifies the necessity of the project.
    • Background: provides more detail to understand the background behind the statements in scope overview and business case.
    • Milestone schedule: divides the project into a few (about three to eight) intermediate points or milestones whose completion can be verified.
    • Success criteria: are project’s vital signs that determine what need to be achieved to have a successful project.
    • Risks, assumptions, and constraints: discover opportunities or threats.
    • Resources: determines how much resources should be invested in the project
    • Stakeholders: help identifying and prioritizing stakeholders, managing robust relationships with them, and making decisions that satisfy stakeholder objectives.
    • Team operating principles: help increase team effectiveness and ensure that all parties are aware of what is expected.
    • Lessons learned: answer how to gain successes and avoid failures.
    • Signatures and commitment: determine who is involved and sometimes describes the extent to which each person can make decisions and/or the expected time commitment for each person.
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