Defenders LEMC 2

  1. What is the Top Rocker?
    Proudly displays our club name

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  2. What is the HeadBand
    • Represents the American Flag and its ideals we defend everyday
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  3. What is the Skull
    • Reminds us of our brothers and sisters lost. As well as our own mortality and the risks all Officers face everyday.
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  4. What does the MC stand for?
    • Motorcycle Club
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  5. What is the Bottom Rocker?
    • It displays the state the Chapter resides in or "United States" for National members.
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  6. What is LE stand for?
    • LE stands for Law Enforcement
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  7. Duty Weapon?
    • The side arm represents a tool of LEO's trade. What we may be called upon to use to protect citizens, fellow officers or ourselves.
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  8. Badges?
    • Police & Sheriffs badges show we are Law Enforcement and carry the honor and obligation they represent.
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  9. What does the 1 asterisk badge stand for?
    • The patch on the front of our vests represents more than most realize.
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  10. What is The “Thin Blue line” ?
    • It is the fraternal bond shared by all members of law enforcement throughout the world.
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  11. What does "The Asterisk" stand for?
    It represents the dangers  and lawlessness we seek out and conquer each day. Each individual has “One-Ass-To-Risk “ for the cause and the brotherhood. We honor the fearlessness, we defend our citizens, our country, our values, and our American way of life.

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  12. What does the black background stand for?
    • It represents the chaos in the world that threatens our lives, our loved ones and our way of life. We as law enforcement officers, emergency service and military personnel risk our lives every day defending and preserving our values and the laws of our land. Without them the world would only know chaos.
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  13. What does silver color stand for?
    • It represents the badge of honor we wear to identify ourselves as defenders and protectors of all.
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  14. What does the number one stand for?
    • It represents the individuals and their commitment to each other as a brotherhood in our chosen professions. We are a brotherhood of one, united in a never-ending fight to maintain justice, peace and order.
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