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  1. Accreditation
    Recognition to an educational program, maintaining standards, to qualify grad�s for professional practice
  2. Ambulatory care setting
    Clinics, urgent care facilities- where health care services are offered.
  3. Attribute
    Inherent characteristic
  4. Bachelor�s Degree
    4-year academic degree
  5. Certification
    Guarantees as being true or as represented by or as meeting standard
  6. Certified Medical Assistant (CMA aama)
    Successfully completed the AAMA�s national certification exam
  7. Competency
    Legally qualified or adequate
  8. Compliance
    Conformity in fulfilling official requirements
  9. Credentialed
    Testimonials showing personis entitled to credit or has a right to exercise power
  10. Dexterity
    Skill and ease in using the hands
  11. Diploma
    Document bearing record of graduation from or a degree conferred by educational institute
  12. Disposition
    Temperament, character, personality
  13. Empathy
    Insight into others feelings, emotions, being aware of the significance and meaning to that person
  14. Facilitate
    To make an action or process easer
  15. Improvise
    To make, invent or arrange in an unplanned / spontaneous manner
  16. Integrate
    Incorporate into a lager unit/ form or blend into a whole
  17. License
    Permission by competent authority to engage in a profession
  18. Licensure
    Granting of licenses to practice a profession
  19. Litigious
    Prone to engage in lawsuits
  20. Practicum
    Transitional stage providing opportunity to apply theory learned in class to health care setting
  21. Professionalism
    Qualities that characterize or distinguish a professional person who conforms to the technical and ethical standards of profession
  22. Proprietary
    Privately owned / profit making
  23. Registered medical assistant
    Credentials awarded for successfully passing the AMT exam
  24. Scope of practice
    The range of clinical procedures and activities that are allowed by law of a profession
  25. Acupuncture
    Treatment to relieve pain by puncturing the skin at specific points

    • Heath Maintenance Organization
    • Managed care operation / for profit corp with salaried ee�s
  26. Integrative medicine
    Bringing together of two or more treatments to function as a whole
  27. Managed Care Operation
    Healthcare setting to reduce cost of care while still providing access to care
  28. Asepsis
    Protecting against infection
  29. Malaria ( female mosquito bites)
    Acute infectious disease caused by presence of protozoan parasites� within red blood cells
  30. Moxibustion
    Ancient Chinese method of treatment uses powdered plant substance on skin to raise a blister
  31. Opiates
    Opiates are so named because they are constituents or derivatives of constituents found in opium, which is processed from the latex sap of the opium poppy
  32. Pharmacopoeia
    Book describing drugs and their preparation , collection stck of drugs
  33. Septicemia
    Invasion of pathogenic bacteria into bloodstream
  34. Trephination
    Round holes in the skull are referred to as this
  35. Typhus (typhoid)
    Acute infectious disease severe headaches, rash, high fever, unsanitary conditions
  36. Yellow fever
    Acute infectious disease where a person develops jaundice, vomits hemorrhage and has a fever mostly caused by mosquitoes.
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mode 1 admin chapter 1-4 study .txt
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