MCP 70-741 Chapter 4: Implement Network Connectivity and Remote Access Solutions

  1. You have a customer with a branch office that has about twenty staff, each with a personal computer running Windows 10. The branch office has a single Windows Server 2016 computer that provides basic network services. How would you configure Internet network connectivity for this branch office using the server? What are the requirements of your solution?
    You can install NAT by adding the Routing role service on the server. This requires two network adapters in the server, one connected to the private network and one to the Internet. You could configure the NAT service so that it provided DHCP and DNS name resolution for internal clients.
  2. How will you configure clients at this customer site with the correct IP address settings so that they can connect to the Internet?
    After installing NAT, if you opt to use the DHCP allocator in NAT, there is nothing further to do, because the clients are configured to use the NAT server as their default gateway. However, if you opted to manually configure networked clients, you must manually assign the private IPv4 address of the NAT server as the default gateway for all clients on the private network.
  3. Your customer wants to make a web server available to users on the Internet. How could you make this configuration change?
    You can modify the configuration of the NAT server so that it published the HTTP port. To complete this task, you must know the private IPv4 address of the server on the internal network. You can then use the Services and Ports page of the Internet interface of the NAT server to define the location of the internal web server.
  4. You have been tasked with planning a DirectAccess deployment for A Datum. Only users in the Sales department will be using DirectAccess. Using the Getting Started Wizard, how could you configure this?
    You can create a global security group called Sales_Computers. Next, you can add the computers for all sales users to that group. Next, in the Getting Started wizard, you can modify the Remote Clients settings to use only the newly-created group.
  5. After applying your strategy to the above requirement, you find that not all sales computers are able to access internal resources when connected externally. What should you do?
    Use standard network troubleshooting techniques to determine whether those computers are obtaining an appropriate IPv6 address. Next, verify correct application of the DirectAccess Client Settings GPO by using the gpresult command. Finally, run the Netsh name show effectivepolicy command to verify whether DirectAccess settings are being applied.
  6. You are responsible for planning a remote access solution for A. Datum’s sales team. The remote users will connect using VPNs. You know that at certain times of the day, many users will attempt to connect to resources at the head office. You decide to implement multiple NPS servers to help distribute the load of these connection attempts. How might you achieve this?
    To achieve load balancing for remote access connection attempts by using NPS, you must deploy multiple NPS computers. Configure connection request policies on some of these NPS computers such that remote RADIUS servers are used to perform authentication for remote connection attempts. This creates a deployment scenario based on RADIUS servers and RADIUS proxies.
  7. You find yourself frequently configuring the same RADIUS clients for your RADIUS proxies. How could you more quickly configure these RADIUS clients on your RADIUS proxies?
    You can create a number of RADIUS client templates and use these on the RADIUS proxies when adding a RADIUS client.
  8. What are IP Filters templates used for in NPS?
    You use IP Filters templates in NPS to define the characteristics of network traffic in terms of protocol and port, and whether that traffic is allowed or blocked. After you define these templates, you can use them in network policies to control the type of traffic permitted by selecting the appropriate IP Filters template on the Configure Settings page in the New Policy Wizard.
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