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  1. defer
    to put off or postpone; to reschedule for a later time
  2. degradation
    the process of insulation or putting someone down; the state of being put down, insulted, or humiliated
  3. deign
    to do something that is believed to be below one's station or dignity
  4. deleterious
    harmful or damaging
  5. deluge
    a great flood or fall of water; anything that overwhelms like a great flood
  6. demagogue
    a leader who uses the emotions, fears, and prejudices of a populace, rather than logic, intellect, or facts to gain support
  7. denouement
    the final part of a story or movie in which all the loose ends are tied up and all the questions answered
  8. denounce
    to declare publicly that something is wrong, evil, or incorrect
  9. deplete
    to use up or greatly diminish in quantity
  10. deplore
    to feel strong disapproval; to condemn; to be strongly against
  11. depose
    to remove from office; to remove from power; to dethrone
  12. deposition
    a statement or testimony under oath
  13. deprave
    to make wicked; to morally corrupt
  14. derision
    mockery, contempt, ridicule
  15. descry
    to finally see; to catch sight of; to figure out through detection
  16. desiccated
    dried; dehydrated; having all water removed from
  17. desuetude
    disuse; inactivity
  18. desultory
    disconnected; half-hearted; seemingly random
  19. deterrent
    something that discourages or dissuades
  20. diaphanous
    delicate and filmy to the point of being nearly transparent; gauzy
  21. dilatory
    meant to cause delay or postpone; used for the purpose of putting off an event
  22. dilettante
    an amateur or uneducated follower of a field of interest, usually the arts; someone who has an interest in but no real knowledge about a field of interest
  23. disabuse
    to convince or persuade someone an idea, thought, or belief is false
  24. disallow
    to state something is false; to refute
  25. discomfit
    to embarrass or make uncomfortable; to defeat soundly
  26. disconsolate
    deeply sad to the point of being unable to find or accept comfort
  27. discordant
    disagreeing; in conflict; unpleasant or harsh, especially in describing sound
  28. discount
    to disregard, see as exaggerated, or dismiss
  29. discountenance
  30. discrepancy
    a difference between what is stated and what is fact; a difference between facts
  31. discriminating
    able to show judgement and distinction; capable of making wise decisions
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