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  1. what was Americas most important means of transportation by the time of the Civil War
  2. two railroad companies that built the Transatlantic Railroad
    • Union Pacific Railroad
    • Central Pacific Railroad
  3. where and when was the Transcontinental railroad finished
    • May 10, 1869
    • Promontory Point
  4. who built the Great Northern Railroad and was also known as the Empire Builder
    James J. Hill
  5. Who invented the air break
    George Westinghouse
  6. who built the New York Central (integrated Railroad lines)
    Cornelius Vanderbilt
  7. what was the  favorite route of the cattle drives
    Chisholm Trail
  8. most important factor to stimulate Western settlement
    Homestead Act of 1862
  9. the two types of prairie houses
    • dugout
    • sod house
  10. where was known as the nation's breadbasket
    the Great Plains
  11. who owned the largest flour mills in the world in the world
    John S. Pillsbury
  12. industry that develop because of the beef industry
    meatpacking houses
  13. who made the chilled-iron plow
    James Oliver
  14. who invented barbed wire
    Joseph F. Glidden
  15. the "eighty-niners" and the "boomers" are related to what event
    Oklahoma land rush
  16. which leader lead the US troupes in the battle of Little Big Horn
    Colonel George Armstrong Custer
  17. famous Indian chief that lead the Apaches tribe
  18. who invented the sleeping car
    George Pullman
  19. who controlled the rails of the Southwest
    Jay Gould
  20. who was the Sioux medicine man
    Sitting Bull
  21. chief of the Nez Perces
    chief Joseph
  22. chief of the Sioux tribe
    Red Cloud
  23. term for Major Rail lines
    Trunk Lines
  24. what were the smaller rail lines called
    feeder lines
  25. which rail line ran the Gadsden Purchase
    Southern Pacific
  26. what decade saw the greatest expansion on the railroads
  27. devised Ghost dance
  28. publications for exciting stories of the west
    dime novels
  29. Woman who was a scout for Custer
    Calamity Jane
  30. mythical lumber jack
    Paul Bunyan
  31. mine that yielded 300 million in silver
    Comstock Lode
  32. Last battle with the Indians and U.S. troops
    Battle of Wounded Knee
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