Ch. 2 What is Art?

  1. Wheat Field and Cypress Trees 1889
    Van Gogh. Story of Western Art.
  2. Rembrandt Signature
    Robert Watts
  3. Mona Lisa
    Leonardo da Vinci. Most famous work of Western Art. Not a real woman.
  4. Thirty Are Better Than One 1963
    Andy Warhol, popart
  5. Popart
    living off the idea of the culture (money maker)
  6. The da Vinci Scandal
    the Mona Lisa isn't a portrait of an actual person, instead, it is a recreation of himself as a woman. No evidence of her existence.
  7. Master
    A Pope of a King decides who's a master, or if the current master dies - the best student would step up.
  8. David
    Andrea del Verrocchio's best-known works is of a biblical hero.
  9. Fisherman's Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville
    Claude Monet, a part of group known as impressionists.
  10. Badi Uzzaman Fights Iraj to a Draw
    Dasavanta, Madhava Khurd, and Shravana illustrating the 360 tales of the Hamzanama.
  11. Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nation's Millennium General Assembly.
    James Hampton, a janitor.
  12. Insider
    taught from a school, books, master, assembly line, were given help to learn art
  13. Outsider
    self-taught artists; little or no formal training in the visual arts
  14. Raw Vision
    devoted magazine for Outsider Art.
  15. American Visionary Art Museum
    devoted museum for Outsider Art
  16. Surrealist Movement
    celebrated the art of the insane, attributing to these artists the most exemplary works of Surrealism
  17. composition, design, layout
    how things are placed on a page.
  18. Cabbage Leaf
    Edward Weston. Lets our imagine play.
  19. Pieta
    • Giovanni Bellini.
    • Christian art, devotional image.
    • Italian for sadness.
    • Symmetry, simple geometrical shapes, and pure colors, triangle.
  20. Saturn Devouring One of His Children
    • Francisco de Goya.
    • Increasingly pessimistic view of human nature, depicts cronos.
  21. First Communion
    • Pablo Picasso. 
    • Representational, naturalistic.
  22. Seated Woman Holding a Fan
    • Pablo Picasso.
    • Cubism, Abstract.
  23. Cubism
    taking things, pieces apart, and creating something new.
  24. Expressionism
    to make colors, light to make art, usually different but still realistic (abstract)
  25. Picasso
    • - survivor of the art world
    • - best artist to this day
    • - can copy the style of any and all artists
    • - Henry Malia and Picasso need another (friends), Brock also just not as much series of artist
  26. Photography
    meant the end of painting
  27. Woman with Packages
    Louise Bourgeois
  28. Representational
    to present again the visible world in such a way that we recognize a likeness
  29. naturalistic
    faithful to visual experience
  30. personages
    fictional character, as in a novel or a play
  31. Louise Bourgeois
    • - glass ceiling breaker
    • - female version of Picasso
    • - studied with Fernand Leger
    • - Married Robert Goldwater
  32. trompe l'oeil (translate it to English)
    French for "fool the eye"
  33. trompe l'oeil definition
    representational works so convincingly lifelike that we can be fooled for a moment into thinking that they are real.
  34. Housepainter III
    Duane Hanson
  35. Head of a King, from Ife
    Yoruba. Naturalistic portrait sculpture in brass were created to commemorate the kingdom's rulers.
  36. stylized
    describes representational art that conforms to a present style or set of conventions for depicting the world.
  37. nonrepresentational (nonobjective)
    art that does not represent or refer to the world outside of itself
  38. Chin Up
    Rebecca Purdum
  39. Swinging
    Vasily Kandinslay
  40. style
    • refers to a distinctive, recognizable ensembles of recurring characteristics
    • - individual style
    • - cultural style
    • - school style
    • - Period style
  41. Example of Stylized:
    • The Chinese porcelain bowl, 1506-21. Porcelain painted in underglaze blue and overglaze enamels. 
    • Bowl is decorated with a depiction of a dragon flying through clouds ..... The clouds are stylized, defined by lines that spiral inward like a snail shell or a scroll...
  42. The Chinese porcelain bowl
    is decorated with a depiction... stylized... Scrolling clouds were a convention in Chinese art for many centuries,..
  43. The Ascent of the Prophet Muhammad
    Sultan Muhammad.
  44. Electric Prisms
    Sonia Delaunay. nonrepresentational art. Visual experience.
  45. Untitled (Mylar) Mylar and hot glue.
    Tara Donovan. (textbook p. 35)
  46. Example of individual style:
    • - one theory of art maintains that style is what distinguishes artists from other skillful makers. not all people who set out to make art eventually develop an individual style, but all artists do 
    • compare these individual styles:
    • - Kitagawa Utamaro: Hairdressing, from Twelve Types of Women's Handicraft.
    • - Edgar Degas: Nude Woman Having Her Hair Combed.
    • Susan Rothenberg: Maggie's Ponytail.
  47. Example of cultural style:
    - Aztec style in Meso-America
  48. Example of period or historical style:
    - Gothic style in Europe
  49. Example of school style:
    - which are styles shared by a particular group of like-minded artists (Impressionist style).
  50. Hairdressing, From Twelve Types of Woman's Handicraft
    Kitagawa Utamaro. Culture recognized, not the person - style.
  51. Nude Woman Having Her Hair Combed
    Edgar Degas. Naturalistic.
  52. Maggie's Ponytail
    Susan Rothenberg, both non and representational.
  53. Piano Lessons
    Henri Matisse. Discipline and intellectual side
  54. Music Lessons
    Henri Matisse. Family togetherness; pleasure, sensual side
  55. Kandinsky thought of nonrepresentational art as comparable to
  56. form
    the physical appearance of the world, everything the eye registers about it. Such as colors, shapes, and internal organization.
  57. content
    the work of art is about, its meaning.
  58. subject matter
    for representational and abstract works, content begins with the objects or events the work depicts.
  59. metronome
    a device that disciplines musicians as they practice by beating steady time.
  60. The Kiss
    Auguste Rodin. White marble had been a long standard material for sculpture.
  61. Gnaw
    Janine Antoni. Cube of chocolate and lard.
  62. Iconography
    describing images, involves identifying, describing, and interpreting subject matter in art.
  63. Amida Nyorai
    Jocho. In the Hoodo (Phoenix Hall), Byodo in Temple.
  64. Arnolfini Double Portrait
    Jan van Eyck
  65. Finial of a linguist's staff
    From Ghana. Asante, 20th century.
  66. context of art
    the personal, social, cultural, and historical setting in which it was created, received, and interpreted.
  67. Example of context of art:
    passages from the letters of Vincent van Gogh helped set his painting in the context of his life and thought.
  68. Assumption
  69. Untitled - Tom Friedman's work
    A cereal box made by cutting nine boxes into small squares and then piecing them back together as one.
  70. Navajo man creating a sand painting -
    viewed as a sacred activity, photography is not usually permitted.
  71. hataali
    religious specialist known as a singer, hataali, calls upon spirit powers to heal and bless someone who is ill.
  72. Aesthetics
    named by Alexander Baumgarten. He derived his word from the Greek word for perception, aisthanomai, and he used it to name what he considered to be a field of knowledge gained by sensory experience combined with feelings.
  73. wabi
    embraces such concepts as naturalness, simplicity, understatement, and impermanence.
  74. sabi
    adds overtones of loneliness, old age, and tranquility.
  75. Tea bowl in Japan
    two key terms: wabi and sabi. Through its connection with the tea ceremony and with Zen Buddhist spiritual ideals, this simple bowl partakes in a rich network of meanings and associations.
  76. katachi
    Japan's term for art. Translated it as "form and design."
  77. Navajo people of the American Southwest. Two different definitions for Hozho:
    • - its natural state is one of beauty, harmony, and happiness, conditions summed up in the word hozho.
    • - countered by forces of ugliness, evil, and disorder.
  78. The shamanistic rites of the Navajo culture have provided inspiration to which artist?
    Joseph Beuys
  79. Standing figure holding supernatural effigy
    jade carving from the ancient Mesoamerican Olmec culture gives visual form to ideas about the power of the Shaman
  80. How to explain pictures to a dead hare?
    when buy goes into museum walking around talking to dead hare, ritual like.
  81. Bwa Masqueraders, Burkina Faso
    shows a procession of nature spirits entering a community of the BWA people of West Africa.
  82. Installation
    space is presented as a work of art that can be entered, explored, experienced, and reflected upon.
  83. A Subtlety
    Created for a space that was already intensely evocative on its own, the cavernous raw sugar warehouse of the Domino Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn, New York. By Kara Walker. Installation.
  84. "Untitled" by Felix Gonzalez-Torres. It is located in NYC.
    Billboard, dimensions vary with installation. Located in NYC.
  85. Conceptual art as seen in the work of Felix Gonzales-Torres stresses that -
    the idea is more important than the object.
  86. The Pyramids
    tombs burial sites
  87. Since the Renaissance, Western Societies differentiated between art and craft, as art -
    reveals imagination and genius.
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