Electrical B737

  1. Three main division:
    AC Power

    DC Power

    Standby power
  2. Can you parallel AC sources?
  3. What happens if power is connected to a transfer bus?
    Automatically disconnects an existing AC source
  4. Does an engine have to be running to disconnect an IDG?
  5. The DRIVE light illuminates for any of the following condtitions:
    • - IDG Failure
    • - Engine Shutdown
    • - IDG automatic disconnect
    • - IDG disconnected with the DISCONNECT switch
  6. The SOURCE OFF light indicates:
    - No source has been manually selected.

    - The manually selected source has been disconnected.
  7. The galley power switch provides power to what?
    - Galleys

    - broadband satellite system
  8. TR UNIT light illuminates when:
    • - TR1 has failed
    • - TR2 and TR3 have failed

    On the ground, any TR failure causes the light to illuminate.
  9. What is the purpose of TR3?
    Serves as a backup
  10. When does the Cross Bus Tie Relay open automatically?
    - At G/S capture with the flight director or auto pilot selected to ILS approach

    -BUS TRANSFER switch selected to OFF
  11. How long does the battery last on standy power?
    30 minutes
  12. Items on the standby power system:
    • - Switched Hot Battery Bus
    • - Hot Battery Bus
    • - Battery Bus
    • - DC Standby Bus
    • - AC Standby Bus
  13. When does the ELEC light illuminate?
    On the ground only and indicates a fault in the DC power system or the standby power system.
  14. When does the STANDBY PWR OFF light illuminate?
    If the AC Standby Bus, DC Standby Bus or Battery Bus is not powered.
  15. AC Power sources:
    AC GPU

    One Battery

    Two IDGs
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