Spanish Verbs - O-Q

  1. obedecer
    to obey
  2. observar
    to observe, notice
  3. obtener
    to obtain, get
  4. ocultarse
    to hide oneself
  5. ocupar
    to occupy
  6. ofrecer
    to offer
  7. oír
    to hear
  8. oler
    to smell, scent
  9. olvidar
    to forget
  10. oponer
    to oppose
  11. ordenar
    to order, command, put in order, arrange
  12. organizar
    to organize, arrange, set up
  13. osar
    to dare, venture
  14. pagar
    to pay (for)
  15. parar
    to stop (someone or something)
  16. pararse
    to stop (oneself)
  17. parecer
    to seem, to appear
  18. parecerse
    to resemble each other, look alike
  19. partir
    to leave, depart, divide, split
  20. pasar
    to pass (by), happen, spend (time)
  21. pasearse
    to take a walk, parade
  22. pedir
    to ask for, request
  23. pegar
    to beat, hit, slap, stick, glue, paste
  24. peinarse
    to comb one's hair
  25. pensar
    to think
  26. percibir
    to perceive
  27. perder
    to lose
  28. perdonar
    to pardon, forgive, excuse
  29. permitir
    to permit, admit, allow, grant
  30. pertenecer
    to pertain, appertain, belong
  31. pintar
    to paint
  32. pintarse
    to make up (one's face), to tint, to color (one's hair, lips, etc)
  33. pisar
    to tread (on), step on, trample
  34. placer
    to gratify, humor, please
  35. platicar
    to chat, talk over, discuss
  36. poder
    to be able, can
  37. poner
    to put, place, turn on (TV, radio)
  38. ponerse
    to put on (clothing), become, set (of sun)
  39. poseer
    to possess, own
  40. practicar
    to practice
  41. predecir
    to predict, forecast, foretell
  42. predicar
    to preach
  43. preferir
    to prefer
  44. preguntar
    to ask, inquire, question
  45. preocuparse
    to be concerned, worry, be worried
  46. preparar
    to prepare
  47. prepararse
    to be prepared, get ready, prepare oneself
  48. presentar
    to present, display, show, introduce
  49. prestar
    to lend
  50. principiar
    to begin
  51. probar
    to test, prove, try, try on
  52. probarse
    to try on (clothes)
  53. proclamar
    to proclaim, promulgate
  54. producir
    to produce, cause
  55. prohibir
    to prohibit, forbid
  56. pronunciar
    to pronounce
  57. proteger
    to protect
  58. pudrir
    to putrefy, rot
  59. pulir
    to polish
  60. quedarse
    to remain, stay
  61. quejarse
    to complain, grumble
  62. quemar
    to burn, fire
  63. quitarse
    to take off (clothing), remove oneself, withdraw
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