Czech lesson 24

  1. How is your breathing at rest and on exertion?
    Jak se vam dycha v klidu a pri namaze?
  2. Do you cough? What is it like?
    Mate kasel? Jaky?
  3. What do you cough up? What is the colour of the phlegm?
    Co vykaslavate? Jakou barvu ma hlen?
  4. Is the cough dry, irritating?
    Je kasel suchy? Drazdivy?
  5. When do you cough? In the morning or throughout the day or is it mainly at night?
    Kdy kaslete? Rano, pres cely den nebo hlavne v noci?
  6. Is a runny nose connected with your cough?
    Kdyz kaslete mate rymu?
  7. Do you have a tempreture? How high?
    Mate teplotu? Jak vysokou?
  8. Do you have a pain in your chest? Is it sharp?
    Mate bolesti na hrudi? Jsou bodave?
  9. Do you feel pressure on the chest?
    Citite na hrudniku tlak?
  10. Did the pain appear suddenly? Is it getting worse?
    Objevila se bolest nahle? Zhorsuje se postupne?
  11. Do you feel very tired because of the cough?
    Jste kalem velmi unaveny?
  12. Do you sleep well?
    Spite dobre?
  13. Do you feel sleepy during the day?
    Chce se vam pres den spat?
  14. Do you cough up blood?
    Kaslete krev?
  15. Does dust make you cough?
    Kaslete v prachu?
  16. Do you feel pain between your shoulder blades?
    Mate bolest mezi lopatkami?
  17. Do you take corticosteroids? How long?
    Uzivate kortikoidy? Jak dlouho?
  18. Do you use inhalers for breathing? What type?
    Pouzivate na dychani spreje? Jake?
  19. Are you receiving treatment at the astrologist?
    Lecite se u alergologa?
  20. What kind of environment do you work in?
    V jakem prostredi pracujete?
  21. I work in a dusty environment
    Pracuji v prasnem prostredi
  22. How many times have you had pneumonia?
    Kolikrat jste mel zapal plic?
  23. Have you ever had sinusitis?
    Mel jste nekdy zanet dutin?
  24. Have you ever taken antibiotics? What type?
    Uzival jste antibiotika? Jaka?
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