Alessandro Texas history final 7th

  1. Identify the four geographic regions of Texas. List their boundaries and identify the characteristic of each region
    • 1. North central, border Caprock Escarpment
    • 2. Mountains and Basins, dry
    • 3 Great Plains, border Caprock Escarpment
    • 4. Coastal Plains, fishing, largest cities
  2. Identify the four culture regions of Texas. List the cultures that lived in the regions and characteristics of the people such as housing, food, way of life, etc.
    • 1. Plains culture, buffalo, nomads, teepees
    • 2. Southeastern culture, farmers, doomed shaped houses
    • 3. Pueblo culture, Adobe homes, farmers, lived in Mountains and Basins
    • 4. Gulf cultures, nomadic, huts
  3. what event initiated the Columbian Exchange and began the Age of Contact?
    Columbus sailed to the New World
  4. Name two important  events that occurred in 1492
    • 1. Reconquista in Spain
    • 2. Columbus sailed to the New World
  5. Name two important events that occurred in 1492
    • 1. Cortes conquers the Aztecs
    • 2. Pineda maps the Texas coast
  6. Which explorer defeated the Aztecs?
  7. name three things that made it easy to defeat the Aztecs
    • 1. Some Native Americans joined the Spanish as allies 
    • 2. Spanish had better weapons
    • 3. Diseases
  8. describe in a few words each of the eras  we've studied so far
    • 1. Natural Texas and its People, geography and and Native peoples
    • 2. Age of Contact, Spanish explorers come to the New World
    • 3. Mexican National, Mexico gains independence
    • 4. Spanish Colonial, missions and trying to change/conquer the Native People
  9. What was the purpose of the missions in Texas?
    • 1. Teach the Spanish way of life
    • 2. Teach them the Catholic faith
    • 3. Teach them to farm and ranch
  10. what specific event caused the Spanish to build missions in Texas?
    LaSalle established Fort St Louis
  11. what are the filibusters?
    Adventurers who tried to take over countries without their government's approval
  12. name the filibusters
    • 1. Nolan
    • 2. Long 
    • 3. Gutierrez-Magee
  13. identify important individuals in the Age of Exploration
    communes, Cortes, Pineda, Cabeza de Vaca, Coronado
  14. identify important individuals in the Mexican Independence
  15. identify important individuals  in the Empresarios
    Austin, DeWitt, DeLeon, Edwards
  16. what is the plan of Iguala? list for things that it says
    • 1. Independent  from Spain
    • 2. People would be equal/united
    • 3. People would follow Roman Catholic faith
    • 4. Constitutional monarchy
  17. What was the Louisiana Purchase?
    USA bought Louisiana territory from France. It doubled the size of the USA
  18. name the reasons that Mexico sought independence from Spain
    • 1. Class system
    • 2. Economy
    • 3. Ruled from Europe
  19. why did Stephen F Austin chose the area he chose for biz colony?
    Fertile soil, rivers, rainfall, climate,  wild game, trees, away from Comanches
  20. what did the Mexican government expect out of its new settlers? Name three  things
    • 1. Loyalty to Mexico
    • 2. Follow the Roman Catholic faith
    • 3. Be law abiding citizens
  21. list three cultural differences between Mexican culture and American culture
    • 1. Form of government
    • 2. Religion
    • 3. Language
  22. what did the Law of April 6, 1830 state? Why did it anger Texans?
    Send trips to Texas, end slavery, So immigration from US, increase trade with Mexico, collect taxes
  23. what did the Turtle Bayou Resolutions state?
    Loyalty to Mexico, wanted Santa Anna as leader, wanted government to follow the Constitution of 1824
  24. what happened at the Battle of Gonzales?
    Mexico wanted the cannon they had give th fought industry's. Texans wouldn't give it up. Short fight. Texans won. Mexican soldiers retreated to San Antonio
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