1. Hart;Mr Tinsworthy, sir to what do we owe the pleasure?
    • Hello, Hart,
    • What's with the pyjamas?
  2. Hart;We I.ah..
    Violet: It's.... the end of the feel sir. we feel we're more productive if we're more relaxed so, Mr Hart instituted something called Casual Friday.
    • Casual Friday,
    • I like it,
    • But it's Thursday.
  3. V; That's Mr Hart for you. Always ahead of the curve.
    • I'll say..
    • Hart, I'm dumbfounded about what's been happening in this division over the last four weeks.
  4. Hart; And I'm so relieved you're here so we can clean up this mess. There's something you need to know..
    • Dame right!
    • I need to know who's responsible..
  5. Hart;These woman..
    For the 20% rise in productivity.
  6. Hart;Wait, what?
    These woman are responsible? (they smile)
  7. Hart;Yes. No. I mean, Violet was the ring leader when they..
    • Is this Violet Newstand?
    • THE Violet Newstand?
    • I've heard a lot about you over the years.
  8. (Violet; Thank you, Mr Timsworthy.
    What's been going on around here, Violet?
  9. Hart;Sir, I think we're talking about two different things.
    • Hart, hush.
    • I'm talking to a lady.
  10. V;Well sir my two colleagues, Daralee Rhodes and Judy Bernly and I thought it was time to make some changes in the office.J;We thought with new ideas,job sharing,flexible hours,day care ,we could improve the quality of life here at Consolidated.
    D; And increase productivity at the same time. V (to Tinsworthy) And Mr Hart signed off on the changes. Doralee has copies of every memo.
  11. Hart; How many memos are we talking here?
    Doralee; About a hundred.
    • Hart, I'm proud of you for nurturing such creative thinking...
    • ..and from secretaries no less!
  12. Violet: Oh God here we go.
    • I want you buy my side Hart.
    • I think it's time you came to work with me.
  13. H;It would be an honour sir.
    V;Wait, Mr Tinsworthy. Sir, I think you just might want to take a look at this file first. Hart;Before we get to that sir, I think you need to know what these three have really been up to. V;Mr Tinsworthy, we're the ones who....
    • Hart;; In spite of how hard I've worked to make this company feel like¬† family... V; A family? Hart; Or the sacrifices I've made so all my girls could reach their greatest potential....
    • V J D; Your girls?
  14. Hart: While these three girls were painting the desks and hanging curtains in the Xerox room...Sir, they were also holding me ....
    V; HOSTAGE! D; Violet! J; No!
    Excuse me, what?
  15. V; Oh, it's no use, we might as well come clean, h's going to get us anyway. But before we get arrested and spend the next thirty years in prison making pen pals in Nebraska, I want to say a few things. This place was hell until we fixed it. We all do the work of keeping things running around here as best we can, Mr Tinsworthy, not him. He plays golf and drinks scotch and takes the credit. And why? Cause he's "The Guy" Hart; Wait a minute!
    V; No you wait a minute! I've been waiting my whole life! See, we're not The Guy. We're just the "Little Guy" The little guy doesn't play golf, he plays catch up. The little guy is late picking the kids up from school cause of work, and late getting to work cause of kids.  The little guy cooks and coaches ball and balances budgets and squeezes a dollar as far as it can go and works her ass off, and if that doesn't qualify her to be heard and seen and respected, well WHAT DOESjQuery1124013161777086289073_1522656953522 And so yeah we kidnapped Mr Hart and threw him in the back of mu Buick..
  16. D; ..tied him up like a pig at the state fair..J:strung him up with garage door opener..V;We tried to make everything better and now he's going to get the credit and we're gonna get ten to life.
    • Hostage?
    • Garage door opener?
    • Little lady, you are one hell of a joker.
  17. Hart: No they really...
    • I'm impressed by everything that's gone on here in the last few weeks.
    • Frank, I'm promoting you all the way to the top!
  18. Hart; Thank you sir.
    • The Bolivian operation is just beginning to take off.
    • I could use a man like you.
  19. Hart; BoliviajQuery112402991170089871336_1524341172447
    V; Congratulations, Mr Hart. It couldn't happen to a more deserving person.
    Hart; What about Violet? She knows as much about the office as I do?
    • Another ingenious thought!
    • Only a visionary like you would suggest a female CEO.
  20. Hart; I..what..I didn't.
    • Of course,
    • that's if you want the job, Violet.
  21. V; Oh yes sir. I want it.
    Roz; I would like to volunteer to accompany Mr Hart to Bolivia. I speak fluent French.
    • I'm going to need you here.
    • You'll be reporting directly to Violet.
    • (9 to 5 starts to play)
  22. Hart; Not that I'm not flatted sir, but...
    • Better get packing Frank.
    • I've got inside info there may be a military coup down there and you know how that can impede travel.
  23. Hart; Sir, if we could discuss this...
    • I don't take no for an answer.
    • Bob!
  24. Hart (pleading) Bob..? Bob Enright; Funny right?
    • Congratulations. To all of you.
    • Don't worry about Hart, he won't get in your hair again for a long, long time.
    • (Winks)
    • Carry on!
    • (Exits)
  25. xx
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