SAT Words

  1. Flaneur
    one who strolls around aimlessly
  2. hector
    to bully or hassle
  3. vellicate
    to touch lightly as to excite or cause uneasiness
  4. restive
  5. flout
    to treat with contempt and disregard
  6. recapitulate
    provide a brief summary
  7. quotidian
  8. blithe
  9. estranged
    alienate affections, make hostile
  10. percolate
    permeate through
  11. quintessence
    perfect embodiment of something
  12. pontificate
    to speak in a pompous manner
  13. recalcitrant
    resisting authority
  14. precocious
    advanced with mental development
  15. schlepping
    moving awkwardly or slowly
  16. prosaic
    unimaginative, dull, common
  17. taciturn
    inclined to silence
  18. insidious
    intended to trap/beguile
  19. capitulate
    surrender unconditionally
  20. kvetch
    to complain habitually
  21. repudiate
    to reject with disapproval
  22. pedagogue
  23. pantomime
    conveying something without speech
  24. conundrum
    a riddle and the answer is a pun
  25. asphyxiate
    to die or lose consciousness due to a change in breathing
  26. sagacity
    soundness of judgement
  27. bilocation
    being in two different places
  28. succinct
    expressed in few words
  29. subdue
    to conquer and bring into subjection
  30. ostesible
    outwardly appearing as such, pretending
  31. extrapolate
    to infer from something that is known
  32. ameliorate
    to improve
  33. jovial
    cheerful, merry
  34. conflate
    to combine two separate things
  35. byzantine
    complex, intricate
  36. lucid
  37. deleterious
    injurious, harmful
  38. incessant
  39. heterogeneous
    different, diverse
  40. fastidious
    excessively particular
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