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  1. Two metal balls are the same size but one weighs twice as much as the other. The heavier ball is dropped from the top a 4m ladder at the same time, the light ball is thrown horizontally from the top of the same ladder. The time it takes the balls to reach the level ground below will be:

    C) about the same for both balls
  2. A block is at rest on an inclined plane. The magnitude of the normal force exerted on the block is:

    B) equal to the magnitude of the component of weight of the box perpendicular to the incline
  3. A paper cup dropped from the roof of a single story building to the surface of the earth:

    C) reaches a maximum speed quite soon after release and then falls at a constant speed thereafter
  4. A small car is travelling behind a large truck. The truck suddenly slows and the car runs into the back of the truck. During the collision:

    B) the truck exerts the same amount of force on the car as the car exerts on the truck
  5. 5. Consider the following distinct forces: 
        1. The forces of gravity
        2. The normal force exerted by the channel pointing from q to O
        3. The force exerted by the ball on the track

    C) 1 and 2
  6. 6. Which path in the figure would the ball most closely follow after it exits the channel at "r"?

    C) D
  7. 7.A steel ball is attached to a string and is swung in a circular path in a horizontal plane as illustrated in the figure. At the point P indicated in the figure, the string suddenly breaks near the ball. 
    At the point P indicated in the figure, the string suddenly breaks near the ball. If these events are observed from directly above is as in the figure, which path would the ball most closely follow after the string breaks?

    D) B
  8. 8. Which of the paths below would the puck most closely follow after receiving the kick?

    B) D
  9. 9.The speed of the puck just after it receives the kick is:

    B) greater than either of the speeds "v0" or "vk", but less than the arithmetic sum of tnese two speeds
  10. 10. The acceleration of the puck after receiving the kick:

    D) is constant
  11. 11. The main force(s) acting on the puck after receiving the kick is (are):

    A) a downward force of gravity and an upward force exerted by the surface
  12. 12. A ball is thrown from the top of a cliff as shown in the figure. Which of the paths would the ball most closely follow?

    A) C
  13. A girl drops a steel ball from the top of a 10 story building. Consider the motion of the ball only after it has left the girl's hand but before it touches the ground. For these conditions, the force(s) acting on the ball is(are):

    C) an almost constant downward force of gravity along with an upward force that steadily increases
  14. 14. A stone is thrown horizontally and follows the path XYZ shown. The direction of the acceleration of the stone at point y is:

    B) A
  15. 15. During the collision:

    D) the amount of force with which m exerts on M is equal to that with which M pushes back on m
  16. 16. Immediately after the collision:

    B) m moves in the opposite direction to what it was originally traveling and M moves in the original direction that m was moving
  17. 17. An elevator is slowing as it moves upward as shown in the figure below. All frictional effects are negligible. In this situation, forces on the elevator are such that:

    A) the upward force by the cable is smaller than the downward force of gravity
  18. 18.The figure shows a boy swinging on a rope, starting at a point higher than A. 
    Consider the following distinct forces:
       1.A downward force of gravity
       2.A force exerted by the rope pointing from A to O
       3. A force in the pointed in the direction of the boy's motion

    A) 1 and 2
  19. 19. Do the blocks ever have the same speed at the same time?

    A) No
  20. 20. The accelerations of the blocks are related as follows:

    C) The acceleration of "a" is greater than the acceleration of "b"
  21. 21. Which of the paths below best represents the path of the rocket between points "b" and "c"?

    D) D
  22. 22. As the rocket moves from position "b" to position "c" its speed is:

    A) continuously increasing
  23. 23.At point "c" the rocket's engine is turned off and the thrust immediately drops to zero. Which of the paths will follow beyond point "c"?

    B) B
  24. 24. Beyond position "c" the speed of the rocket is:

    C) constant
  25. 25. A box moves with a constant downward speed "v" while a vertical massless rope attached to the top of it has tension "T"
    The tension:

    A) has the same magnitude as the weight of the box
  26. 26. If the tension is suddenly doubled the box then moves:

    B) downward for a while as it slows and then eventually changes direction and starts moving upward
  27. 27.A horizontal force is applied to the box causing it to slide across a horizontal floor at a constant speed, "v". If the horizontal force is suddenly removed from the sliding box, the box will:

    D) immediately start slowing to a stop
  28. 28. During the collision:

    C) each object exerts the same amount of force on the other
  29. 29.A box is resting on an inclined ramp. Consider the following forces: 
       1. A downward force of gravity
       2. A force exerted by the ramp perpendicular to the ramp surface
       3. A kinetic frictional force parallel to the surface of the ramp.
    Which of the forces is (are) acting on the box?

    C) 1 and 2
  30. Three books (X,Y,Z) rest on a table. The weight of each book is indicated. The net force acting on book Y is:

    A) Zero
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