1. Cloud Computing
  2. What is AWS
    Secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, dB storage, content delivery
  3. Domains in AWS
    Compute, Storage, Database, migration, networking content delivery, management tools, security and indentity, messaging
  4. AWS Compute Services
    EC2, Lambda, Elastic Beansalk, elastic load balancer, autoScaling
  5. EC2
    can be use for any user
  6. Lambda
    execute background task, no for hosting an application,

    Lambda is listing for trigger to function
  7. Elastic Beanstalk
    deploy your application without worrying about the underlying hardware
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  9. Elastic Load Balancer
    use to distributes the workload on the deployed instances
  10. AutoScalling
    • use to scale up and down automatically
    • wherever your CPU goes above a certain CPUs a new server is being used
  11. Security Groups IN AWS
  12. AWS Storage Services
    S3, Cloudfront, Elastic block , glacier, snowball, storage gateway
  13. Elastic Block Storage
    block level storage, provides high IOPS

    hard drives
  14. Glacier
    data archiving service, offering low price storage
  15. Snowball
    physical transfer of data to AWS infrastructure
  16. storage Gateway
    provide seamless intergration between your on premise servers and AWS infrastructure
  17. AWS Database services
    RDS, aurora, dynamodb, elastiCache, redshift
  18. RDS
    Relational DB management Service
  19. Aurora, Amazon version of SQL
    based on MySQL , but better performance than MySQL

    Amazon 5 time faster than MySQL
  20. DynamoDB
    • non relational DB management service
    • scaling database - it grows and strinks
    • example no sql, or oracle
  21. ElastiCache
    set up, manage and scale a distributed cache-in environment in the cloud.
  22. Redshift
    • fully managed petabyte-scale data warehouse service
    • it is used to analytics data
  23. AWS Networking Services
    VPC, Direct Connect, Route 53
  24. VPC
    Virtual Network where in you launch your AWS resources
  25. Direct Connect
    is a leased line using which you can directly connect to the AWS infrastructure
  26. Route 53
    is a domain name system

    Route 53 is like DNS

    • Path
    • URL  to Route 53 to Compute
  27. AWS Management Services
    cloudwatch, cloudformation, cloudtrail, CLI, opsworks, trusted advisor
  28. cloudwatch
    cloudwatch is a cloud monitoring tool

    create alarms for triggers
  29. Cloudformation
    used to templatize the AWS infrastructure
  30. cloudtrail
    logging service from AWS
  31. CLI
    command line tool which is a replacement to the GUI of AWS
  32. OPsworks
    a configuration management tool

    application using a host of AWS services
  33. trusted advisor
    is personal assistant to you in the AWS infrastructure, it is an advisor automatically make suggestions
  34. AWS Security Services
    IAM, KMS
  35. IAM
    indentification and authentication management tool
  36. KMS
    Key management services,  create and manage encryption key to encrypt your data

    private key and public key

    do not lose your private key
  37. AWS application services
  38. SES
    Simple Email Services
    bulk emailing service
  39. SQS
    Simple queue services
    • Simple Queue Services
    • queuing service which acts as a buffer
  40. SNS
    Simple Notification services
    notification service based on triggers
  41. AWS Pricing
    • Pay as you go
    • Pay less by Using More

    pay as you go model that is you only pay what you use

    AWS bills you for the hour.  The more AWS resources you use, the less the hourly rates become.
  42. Save when you reserve
    in services like AWS EC2 and RDS, you have an option of reserving your instances for a specific time frame. Your are charged less significantly up to 75% less.
  43. hosting a website on AWS
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