Acct 468 Final - Ch 12

  1. Determining economic damages can be used for which of the following issues? 

    E. All of the above
  2. Why should sick pay, holiday and vacation NOT be included as components of the employee’s fringe benefit package when calculating economic damages? 

    B. They are already included in the employee’s gross wages and payroll data
  3. Which is not an example of lost earnings? 

    D. All of above are lost earnings
  4. Which is not a fringe benefit? 

    B. Vacation pay
  5. In general, the approach an expert will use to calculate the salary damages is to: 

    D. All of the above are correct.
  6. The present value of the damages in a wrongful death case:

    A. Will always be less than the total value of the damages
  7. Which of the following are components included in the measurement of economic damages? 

    E. All of the above
  8. Which of the following is a difference between calculating commercial damages and personal injury damages?                 

    B. In calculating personal injury damages, there may be a component of lost household services, which is not included in commercial damage calculations
  9. Damage calculations that require additional knowledge and skills (other than those used in commercial damages), Exclude: 

    A) -Changing Job.
  10. 2- Which question is not Issues that Impact Amount of Damages in a Personal Injury Case: 

    D)  How the injuries happened?
  11. Wrongful death damage calculations do not require additional knowledge or skills other than those used in commercial damages. (T/F)
    False: Wrongful death damage calculations do require additional knowledge and skills
  12. Damages will depend upon what the law will allow (T/F)
  13. Thoughts about testifying in economic damages case should include all of the following except:

    B. Make the facts sound appealing to your case
  14. The general theory of economic damages includes all of the following except:

    C. Measures of damages are uniform across the states
  15. Common components of Fringe Benefits are: 

    D. All of the above.
  16. As with any civil litigation case it is necessary to prove __________ in order to win an economic damages case. 

    B. Liability
  17. The time value of money refers to the concept that: 

    B. a dollar is worth more today than it is in the future.
  18. If a person got accident and he became disabled,the time period used in the analysis of lost wages is:

    C. The victim's expected worklife
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Acct 468 Final - Ch 12
Acct 468 Final - Ch 12