Reducing Crime through ILP

  1. Who is the sheriff of Evans County? and what did he prefer to get rid of?
    Sheriff Tippins; get rid of a deputy and keep an analyst.
  2. Who is the chief of Medford Police Department? and what did he say?
    Chief Randy Schoen; this is not a hug and release department.
  3. What was the clearance rate for all crimes at Medford PD?
  4. What percent did crime drop in Milwaukee?
    60% of African American males
  5. How much did the crime rate go down in Palm Beach over a 4 year period?
    50 percent; and the dismantling of several violent crimes
  6. What agency coined the phrase: "If you can't measure it, you can manage it"
    Richmond, Virginia
  7. Who is the chief of Richmond, Virginia? and what did he say?
    Chief Bryan Norwood; this department infuses community policing in every aspect of what we do.
  8. What department coined the phrase: "the West Coast Offense"?
    San Diego
  9. What department focused on "Focus on Four"
    Tampa, PD
  10. How many gangs were identified for special attention in Phoenix, Az
  11. A real-time database designed to track gang members and activities, provide up-to-date information to cooperating agencies
    GangNet, Phoenix PD
  12. What limited the effectiveness of the gang task force in Phoenix?
    Change of command and budget crisis
  13. Once of the clear success of the Richmond PD was?
    Its community policing initiatives
  14. Why were the homicides in Richmond unusually high?
    The problem appeared to be violence associated with the drug trade
  15. What agency used an aggressive directed patrol initiative that is based on analytic products
    Richmond PD
  16. Which agency analyst will often go out to crime scenes with investigation officers and meet with community members
    Richmond PD
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