Nutrition pt 1

  1. what are the 6 classes of nutrients
    • Carbohydrates
    • Lipids
    • Proteins
    • Vitamins
    • Minerals
    • Water
  2. compounds found in plants that provide health benefits apart from any nutrient contribution
  3. compounds found in animal foods that provide health benefits apart from any nutrient contribution
  4. foods that have a potentially beneficial effect on health apart from nutritional benefits
    Functional foods
  5. 5 essential carotenoids
    • Lutein
    • a- carotene
    • b- carotene
    • zeaxanthin
    • lycopene
  6. flavnoids
    • found in copious amounts on plantsĀ 
    • are antioxidants and allerigc and anti viral
    • also anti cancer
  7. bolsters cellular antioxidant defenses
    Supports maintenance of the eyes and heart health
    Found in coffee beans, fruit, oats, potatoes, and soybeans
    Phenolic Acids
  8. supports menopausal health
    Maintenance of bone
    Immune health
    healthy brain function
    maintenance of heart health
  9. Phytosterols
    Lower LDL Cholesterol by preventing absorption
    Stanols and Plant Sterols
  10. Supports maintenance of heart, immune, and difestive health
    May enhance detoxification of undesirable compounds
    Sulfides/ thioles
  11. foods created for functional and other health benefits
    Functional Foods
  12. set standards for food labels
    Nutritional Labeling and Education Act of 1990
  13. a claim on food product that directly or by implication characterizes the level of nutrient in the food
    Nutrient content claims
  14. for a product to be reduced it must contain ____ percent less of a nutrient or energy than the regular product
    25 percent
  15. the rate and extent to which therapeutic moieties of a compund are absorbed and become available at the intended site of action
  16. Can this compound achieve health benefits at reasonable concentrations
  17. involves all aspects of fueling individuals before, during and after training and competitiion
    Sports Nutrition
  18. creatine phosphate to depletion
    2-7 seconds
  19. lactate to depletion
    1-3 minutes
  20. aerobic glycolysis to depletion
  21. distribution of Carbohydrates
    5-10 g per kg of body weight
  22. protein RDA
    1.2-1.8 g per kg body weight
  23. when _____ depletion occur, it is almost impossible to continue exertion
  24. what type of foods increase glycogen synthesis
    Foods with a high glycemic index
  25. recommended protein intake for strength athletes
    1.4-1.8 g per kg of body weight
  26. recommended protein intake for endurance athletes
    1.2-1.6 g per kg of body weight
  27. low blood hemoglobin for a short time
    Adaptive, temporary response to endurance activity
    Does not require supplementation
    Sport Anemia
  28. Iron Recommendations for Athletes
    • Blood test should guide the decision depends on the individual
    • Physically active young women may need supplements
  29. how much more active is muscle heat when the person is active
    15-20 minutes
  30. sweat to kcal ratio
    1 liter per 600 kcalories of heat
  31. above normal body temperature
  32. a below normal body temperature
  33. derived from male sex hormone
    use is banned
    risks associated with use
    Anabolic steroids
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