Fire Alarm Commissioning

  1. A registered firm is defined as:
    A person or organization hold a current certificate of registration.
  2. An expired certificate/license of registration is longer valid for renewal after:
    2 years
  3. New applications for certificates or licenses of registration must be signed by:
    All owners of company/sole proprietor OR each partner of company OR corporate officer of a corporation
  4. T/F: Stamped signatures are allowed on any labels
  5. Following individuals may certify an installation is acceptable according to Article 5.43-2:
    • Fire Alarm Technician
    • Residential Fire Alarm Superintendent
    • Fire alarm Planning Supervisor
  6. What is the only approved testing organization in Texas?
    NICET- National Institute for Certification of Engineering Tehcnologies
  7. After completion of an installation, modification, or an addition to a single station detector unit, except for a one-or-two family residence, 3 copies go to:
    • The State Fire Marshall
    • The AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction)
    • The Certifying company
  8. If insurance has NOT lapsed and paperwork is incomplete, how long do you have to get the paperwork in?
    30 Days.
  9. A signature on a service label means:
    The system is in compliance with the requirements of the insurance code article 5.43-2
  10. What does a Red Label for a system mean?
    System is in a fault condition or system that is non-functional.
  11. After any service, inspection, test, a system does not comply with applicable codes and standards at the time of install, what color label must be attached?
  12. A person holding an active fire alarm technician license AND employed by a registered firm is permitted by article 5.43-2 to do everything except:
    PLAN a commercial or residential fire system.
  13. When is it necessary to have an inspection by the fire marshal?
    • 1. Completion of the device back box installation, but prior to the start of the cable installation.
    • 2. Completion of the cable installation, but prior to the device installation.
    • 3. Completion of the decive installation but prior to the activation of the fire alarm system.
  14. The person who is responsible for signing off on the certification of a fire alarm system IS REQUIRED to what?
    Be present for the final test.
  15. A complete change of ownership would:
    Invalidate and require a new application for certificate to be filled.
  16. The penalty for the violation of the law is:
    Class "B" Misdemeanor
  17. "Service or Servicing" includes all of the following and DOES NOT include:
    • Includes: Inspection, Maintenance, Repairing, testing.
    • NOT include: Planning or Installing
  18. An arrangement of materials that the sole function is to provide indication of fire, smoke, or combustion in its incipient state is:
    A Fire Detection Device
  19. Any device capable, through audible and/or visual means of sounding a warning that fire or combustion has taken or is taking place is:
    A Fire Alarm Device
  20. If your license is revoked you CANNOT reapply until:
    After 1 year after revocation of your license.
  21. What is the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency):
    The nationally recognized standards making organization.
  22. The NICET (National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies) is:
    The only Texas State Fire Marshal approved testing organization:
  23. Revised licenses require a writ change.ten notice to be sent to the Texas State Fire Marshall within:
    14 days of any
  24. How many times can you test per year:
  25. A monitoring station must employ:
    At least 1 licensed Fire Alarm Technician at each central station and must be supervised by that Fire Alarm Technician.
  26. Inspection labels are:
    Blue in color with black writing.
  27. If a red label is attached to a Fire Alarm System how must the customer be notified:
    Orally immediately or in writing within 3 days.
  28. A Fire Alarm planning Superintendent can function as:
    A fire alarm technician or a residential fire alarm superintendent.
  29. A residential Fire Alarm Superintendent can function as:
    A fire alarm tech.
  30. A registered firm must notify the TSFM of a terminated employee in writing within:
    14 days.
  31. Each Renewal of a certificate of registration or license is valid for:
    2 years.
  32. Insurance policy needilitys to cover:
    • -Liability
    • -Products
    • -Operations
  33. What will constitute in denial, suspension, or revocation of a certification of registration:
    Failure to maintain insurance coverage. No lapse is allowed.
  34. The TSFM must send written Notice 30 days prior to:
    The expiration of the license.
  35. After 2 years of expiration, what must you do:
    Must re-test and re-apply for your license.
  36. The State Fire Marshall may refuse to issue, renew, or revoke or suspend a license if the licensee has engaged in acts of:
    • -Violations of Article 5.43.-2
    • -Violations of rules or standards adopted pursuant to the Article 5.43-2
    • -Misrepresentations made in connection with the sale of products or services rendered.
  37. Fire Alarm monitoring equipment is used to transmit and receive:
    Alarm, Trouble, and Supervisory signals.
  38. Application for a Fire Alarm Planning Superintendent license must include:
    A copy of NICET;s notification letter confirming the applicants successful complete of the test requirements for the NICET certification at Level III for Fire Alarm Systems.
  39. The certifying Licensee MUST be present for testing and can be the following people:
    • -A Licensed Fire Alarm Technician
    • -A Residential Fire Alarm Superintendent
    • -A Fire Planning SUperintendent
  40. What MAY NOT monitor a fire alarm is in the state of Texas no matter what:
    An unregistered firm.
  41. The following MUST be included in the Fire Alarm PLANS:
    • -Date
    • -Signature of planner
    • -License Number of the licensee
    • -Name
    • -Address
    • -Phone Number
    • -The certificate of registration number of the registered firm.
  42. After service of a fire alarm system, what label must be attached to the fire alarm device:
    A white or service label.
  43. A new installation label is what color?
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