Revenue Chapter 10 Exam

  1. Which of the following statements about the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program is false?
    The program collects readmission data for only Medicare patients.
  2. What targets should be the focus of VBP/P4P systems?
    All of the above
  3. What is the term for a model of primary care that seeks meet the health care needs of patients and to improve patient and staff experiences, outcomes, safety & system efficiency?
    Patient center medical home
  4. When did P4P systems first emerge in the healthcare sector?
  5. In the healthcare sector, why are incremental implementations of VBP/P4P systems preferable to full scale implementation?
    Sponsors can evaluate policies and procedures.
  6. VBP/P4P systems typically link all of the following components except
    Setting of care
  7. In a VBP/P4P systems, which incentive is financial?
    Higher fees
  8. T or F Physician's Feedback Program/Value Based Payment Modifier program will include all physicians, regardless of practice size, by 2017.
  9. Since the 2000s, what terms characterizes the rate of establishing VBP/P4P systems in the healthcare sector?
    Wide spread implementation
  10. What reports drove the establishment VBP/P4P systems in the healthcare sector?
    A & B only
  11. What is the payment reduction for hospitals and facilities that fail to successfully meet the requirements for Medicare's Pay for Reporting programs?
    2% reduction
  12. T or F VBP/P4P systems are phenomenal unique to the US delivery system.
  13. Which piece of legislation initiated the Reporting if Hospital Quality Data for Annual Payment Update (RHQDAPU )?
    MMA--Medicare Modernization Act
  14. What is the term that means making available to the public, in a reliable & understandable manner, Information on healthcare organization's quality, efficiency, & consumer experience with care, which includes price & quality data,cso as to influence the behavior of patients, providers, payers & others to achieve better outcomes.
  15. In a VBP/P4P systems , what is the term for the process of identifying the clinician who provided the care, is responsible for the care's quality, & is accountable for the care's cost?
  16. Within the Medicare's VBP framework improving efficiency means
    Reducing the cost to treat each beneficiary
  17. In the Hospital VBP program a facility's total performance score (TPS) is used to determine the amount of holdback dollars the facility has earned back. In regard to the TPS which is better
    A higher TPS is better
  18. Which component of Medicare's VBP plan monitors the action of reporting data in the proper format within the given time frame?
    Pay for Reporting
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