Define Term

  1. achondroplasia
    Development without cartilage. No (improper development of cartilage).
  2. angiogenesis
    Formation of blood vessels.
  3. angiography
    Process of recording the blood vessels.
  4. carcinogenic
    Pertaining to producing cancer.
  5. electroencephalograph
    Instrument for recording the electricity in the brain.
  6. hemolysis
    Destruction of blood (breakdown of red blood cells with release of hemoglobin).
  7. hypertrophy
    Development of increase. Excessive Development.
  8. ischemia
    Blood condition to hold back. Hold back blood from part of the body.
  9. mucous membrane
    Pertaining to the mucus membrane. A lining that secretes mucus.
  10. multiple myeloma
    Multiple tumors of the bone marrow.
  11. myelogram
    X-ray record of the spinal cord.
  12. necropsy
    To view death.
  13. nephropathy
    Condition of kidney disease.
  14. ophthalmology
    Study of the eye.
  15. osteogenic
    Pertaining to or produced within bone.
  16. pleural
    Pertaining to the pleura. (Membrane surrounding lungs and adjacent to chest wall).
  17. thrombophlebitis
    Inflammation of clot in a vein. (Inflammation of a vein with clot formation). Also called phlebitis.
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