Ch01 - Authoring and Multimedia

  1. presentation of information using text, graphics, animation, audio and video
  2. Multimedia uses at least ____ different data types
  3. _______ has the potential to provide a better experience than any other information medium.
  4. can combine the best of television, film, graphics, animation, books, magazines and radio
  5. The result of using authoring software
    multimedia product / multimedia presentation
  6. The key feature of multimedia is ______
  7. interactivity
    allows the user to choose the sequence and content of information
  8. A multimedia product is often judged on the quantity of ________.
  9. The _______ is an example of an interactive environment
  10. The expression _________ refers to the experience of jumping from one page to another using interactivity.
    surfing the Net / browsing
  11. _________ accepts input from a mouse, touch screen or keyboard and performs some action.
    Interactive multimedia
  12. used to navigate through a multimedia product.
  13. a system that allows documents to be cross-linked in such a way that the user can move from one document to another by clicking on text.
  14. usually identified using an underlined text and/or a different text color.
    Hypertext links / hyperlinks
  15. (T/F) In a multimedia product the link may be to another screen, audio, animation or video. When you click on a link you move from one document to another, even if they contain different data types.
  16. When you click on a link you move from one document to another, even if they contain different data types.
  17. The developments in information technology have allowed people to create multimedia products that were once only developed by ________.
    film professionals
  18. (T/F) Multimedia products are very demanding and require the latest technology, such as a fast processor, large memory, high-resolution screen, quality speakers and the latest in storage devices.
  19. Advances in information technology are influencing _________
    multimedia development
  20. Multimedia is extensively used in _________, _________ and __________.
    education, entertainment and information
  21. A good multimedia product that uses different data types maintains the user’s _______.
  22. The interactive nature of multimedia allows the user to ______ the learning
  23. a type of multimedia product used for education and trainingand use this at their own pace.
    Computer based training (CBT)
  24. Information is presented using different types of media and the user has the opportunity to ____________.
    review misunderstood concepts
  25. CBT usually contains some form of _______ to determine whether an individual is ready for the next level.
  26. Interactivity in CBT is the _______ for an individual to progress through the system
  27. Multimedia designed for entertainment is generally classified as __________
    computer games
  28. provide a high level of interactivity
    Computer games
  29. The __________ determine the game being played. The __________ is determined by the game designer.
    responses of the user, sequence of actions
  30. (T/F) Games tend to be time restricted and contain complex animation. The level and amount of text is limited.
  31. Developments in technology have resulted in computer games that are more _______.
  32. Games are increasingly being played over the ________
  33. The user controls when, how and what ________ will be displayed.
  34. The interactive nature of multimedia allows the user to ________ using related keywords to find specific information.
  35. A ____________ is a good example of multimedia being used to store information.
    multimedia encyclopedia
  36. It displays information using text, graphics, audio, animation and video. This makes it easier for people to understand the information.
    multimedia encyclopedia
  37. allow people to use a touch screen and select information about an organization or service.
    Multimedia kiosks
  38. Information displayed depends on the selections of the user.
    Multimedia kiosks
  39. commonly provide information about items, the location of items or a map to a particular product or service.
    Multimedia kiosks
  40. They use large navigation buttons with few options and can also be used to provide information to the organization.
    Multimedia kiosks
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