body planes and cavities

  1. A sagittal section divides the body (or organ) into
    lef tand right parts (lengthwise or longitudinal plane)
  2. A median, or midsagittal, section divides the body (or organ) into
    equal left and right parts- cut made down the median plane
  3. A frontal section divides the body (or organ)
    into anterior and posterior parts (aka- coronal section)
  4. A transverse
    , or cross section divides the body (o rorgan) into superior and inferior parts
  5. Dorsal body cavity
    • cranial
    • vetebral
  6. ventral body cavity
    • thoraic
    • adominopelvic---abdominal, pelvic
  7. cranial cavity
    contains brain
  8. vertebral cavity
    contains spinal cord
  9. thoraic cavity
    contains heart and lungs
  10. abdominal cavity
    digestive viscera
  11. pelvic cavity
    urinary bladder, reproductive organs and rectum
  12. abdominal pelvic quadrants
    Image Upload 2
  13. umbilical region
    the centermost region
  14. epigastric region
    immediately supperior to the umbilical region; overlies most of the stomach
  15. hypogastric
    • pubic region
    • immediately inferior to the umbilical region
    • encompasses the pubic area
  16. illiac
    • inguinal
    • lateral to the hypogastric region
    • overlying the superior parts of the hip bones
  17. lumbar regiaons
    • between the ribs and the flaring portions of the hip bones
    • lateral to the umbilical region
  18. hypochondriac regions
    • flanking the epigastric region laterally
    • overlying th elower ribs
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body planes and cavities
body planes and cavities