Preventive DHE112 quiz#8 chapter 17,18

  1. What is an RDA?
    • Recommended Dietary Allowances:
    • guides for daily nutrient intake to support growth and maintenance of body tissues and to prevent deficiency diseases.
  2. Who publishes the RDA?
    Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) of the National Academy of Science
  3. What are the daily recommended values based of?
    Dietary reference intakes (DRIs)
  4. How often are the daily guidelines revised?
    every 6 years
  5. When was the first dietary guideline published?
  6. What are the two health categories of the health plate? differences?
    • significant scientific agreement (SSA): supported by scientific evidence with widespread agreement among different studies and researchers. Rigorous review and approved by FDA. 
    • qualified health claims: scientific evidence not as strong as SSA. Must be accompanied by a disclaimer.  
  7. What senses are perceived by the human mouth?
    • taste
    • touch; mouth feel
    • thermoreception      strong spices and
    • nociception         >       irritants
  8. What are the 5 categories of the primary stimuli regarding with taste?
    • sweet
    • sour
    • salty
    • bitter
    • savory; umami
  9. what are the uses of sucrose?
    Nutritive sweetener and most common tabletop sweetener.
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Preventive DHE112 quiz#8 chapter 17,18
Preventive DHE112 quiz#8 chapters 17,18