Geo People

  1. most influential of the new map makers
    Gerardus Mercator
  2. produced first modern atlas
    Abraham Ortelius
  3. Geographia Generalis
    Bernhardus Varenius
  4. logic and metaphysics, emphasized that the subject involved the description or classification of facts in their spatial text, advocate of geography as a regional study
    Immanuel Kant
  5. mathematical, physical and political principles are discussed along with physical phenomena
    Conrad Malte-Brun
  6. Cosmos, humans were part of nature. Dominated geography in the 19th century
    Alexander von Humboldt
  7. Die Erdkunde, concerned with relationships description as laws. Dominated geography in the 19th century
    Carl Ritter
  8. viewed geography as the science of the earth's surface, chorological/regional approach
    Ferdinand von Richthofen
  9. the study of the causal relations between geographical phenomena occurring within a particular region. a Greek term revived by 19th century German geographers as a synonym for regional geography
  10. founder of human geography, first to focus on human-made landscape
    Friedrich Ratzel
  11. father of geography, calculated circumference of the earth
  12. devised grid system of longitude and latitude, first to solve the problem of how to map the curved surface of the earth on a flat surface, produced first index of places/gazetteer
  13. geographer and anarchist who was barred from France and imprisoned, published a descriptive systematic geography of the world
    Elisee Reclus
  14. most important French geographer, established geographie Vidalienne or la tradition Vidalienne. concerned with relations between humans and land, the evolution of human landscapes and the description of distinctive local regions
    Paul Vidal de la Blanche
  15. first European to climb Mount Kenya, successful explorer, geography and history were closely related
    Halford J. Machkinder
  16. founded Landschaftskunde
    Otto Schluter
  17. his landscape school focuses on human cultural groups' transformation of the physical geographic landscape over time, effectively introduced the various European ideas the North America in 1925 and elaborated on them
    Carl Sauer
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