History 13

  1. who wrote the "Blue-Black Speller" (American Spelling Book)
    Noah Webster
  2. who wrote the Eclectic Readers
    William H. McGuffey
  3. who was largely responsible the rapid growth of America's public school systems; first secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education
    Horace Mann
  4. first woman's college
    Wesleyan college
  5. fathered the lyceum movement in the United States
    Josiah Holbrook
  6. who wrote the New York Herald news paper
    James Gordon Bennett's
  7. who wrote the New York Tribune news paper
    Horace Greeley
  8. first University to begin operating in 1795
    University of North Carolina
  9. organizations that conducted discussions and established libraries and public schools

    who began this movement
    • lyceums
    • Josiah Holbrook
  10. steel plow
    John Deer
  11. Reaper
    Cyrus McCormick
  12. cotton gin
    Eli Whitney
  13. "king" crop in the South
  14. "Father of the American Factory System"
    Samuel Slater
  15. power loom
    Francis Cabot Lowell
  16. improved sowing machine in 1846
    Elias Howe
  17. who invented the first practical steam engine
    James Watt
  18. developed a high pressure steam engine
    Oliver Evans
  19. manufacturing in the home
    domestic system
  20. which road was made by logs that were lad side by side to form a road
    "corduroy road"
  21. roads raised above their surrounding terrain to aid drainage
    macadam roads
  22. built the first practical steam boat
    Robert Fulton
  23. canal completed in 1825 that connected the Hudson River and Lake Erie
    Erie Canal
  24. greatest contribution to the history of sailing vessels
    clipper ship
  25. who invented the telegraph
    Samuel F. B. Morse
  26. who laid the first transatlantic cable
    Cyrus Field
  27. "Pathfinder of the Seas"
    Mathew Maury
  28. what country provided the largest number of immigrants to America Between 1820 and 1850
  29. what was the name of Robert Fulton's steam boat
  30. What was the first American college to allow women
    Oberlin College
  31. Americas 1st public high school was located in what city
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