Class 4

  1. What were the products of the light reactions to be used during the carbon reactions of photosynthesis & What was necessary to produce this?
    • -Products: ATP & NADPH
    • -Reactants: ADP & Pi & NADP+
  2. Every year about 200 billion tons of CO2, are converted into biomass via [BLANK]
  3. Carbon reactions produce [BLANK] & take place in the [BLANK]
    • 1. Sucrose, Starch, Growth
    • 2. Stroma
  4. Carbon reactions occur via what process?
    Calvin cycle
  5. Definition: The reductive pentose phosphate cycle
    The Calvin cycle
  6. What are the 3 stages of the Calvin Cycle?
    • 1. Carboxylation
    • 2. Reduction
    • 3. Regeneration
  7. What happens during Carboxylation (STEP 1)
    3 molecules of ribose-1,5 biphosphate (RuBP) are covalently bonded to CO2
  8. Carboxylation is catalyzed by the [BLANK] enzyme?
  9. Carboxylation results in [BLANK]-carbon compounds
  10. What happens during Reduction (STEP 2)?
    3-PGA is reduced to glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate (GA3P) using ATP & NADPH
  11. What happens during Regeneration?
    • -5 of the GA3P molecules are rearranged using ATP to regenerate RuBP
    • -And the ADP produced during the reduction & regeneration phase & the NADP+ are used by light reactions to create ATP & NADPH
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